• Qliksense Cloud export on shared app

    Hi,   I have researched enough and cant seem to find any answer on why Qliksense Cloud (Free , Cloud Plus or Cloud Business)  does not let users to export ( as CSV or PDF) on any of the shared apps   ...
    Jogesh Pugazhendhi
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  • Apply Calculated Fields to Concatenated Data?

    Hello,   I am new to Qlik, I am using the cloud version, and I am trying to understand if my use case is possible.   I am creating visualizations for our services team and until I have the data available ...
    Carrie O'Brien
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  • Display Records Based On Two Calculated Measures

    Hi, Please find the attachment for the details , I need to get the items with zero "Stock Quantity" measure & not null "Last Bill Date" measure Note: last bill date having null values Thanks Mahmood
    Mahmood Ali
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  • Comparing 2 text fields in Concatenated table

    Hello!   I'd  like  to create a new column that compares 2 text fields in a concatenated table that varies by week (Previous and Current week),  I need to determine if ShipStatus has changes or no...
    Caroline Acosta
    created by Caroline Acosta
  • Stored files not visible in QMC Content Library

    I have a script that generates a file and places it in a Content Library.   There is a Folder Data Connection for this Content Library.   When I open the Folder Data Connection and view the contents of tha...
    Mike Ribeiro
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  • Replicating Window/Table Calculations in Qlik

    Hello,     In Tableau, I used a table calc to determine a person's failure rate, as shown below:   WINDOW_COUNT(COUNT(if[Correct/Incorrect]="correct" then [Number of Records] end))/[Number of Records...
    Carrie O'Brien
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  • Nested Advanced Search

    I am trying to write an expression that counts records from affiliates that have a minimum count.  This requires me to do a nested Advanced Search as follows:   Count({$<Affiliate|Channel={"=Count({$<...
    Eric Flottmann
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    Hi I'm trying with no success to make the following master measure visible in all rows of a pivot table (aggr(sum({1<segmento = -{'ATV','TRICARRI','QUADRICICLI'}> }  Quantity),  agente,regione)) The...
    Marco Dalla Pozza
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  • if statement

    I want to write if statement with time. (hh:mm)   I have a field dimension like below:   Time 00:25 02:44 18:25 00:00     In a pivot or straight table i just want show Time field if it is mo...
    m m
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  • QlikView 12 Application: System Monitor

    A derivative of the QlikView System Monitor for versions 10/11, finally the QlikView 12-compatible version has arrived. The UI has undergone some changes and the structure/setup has been simplified. This application w...
    Michael Terenzi
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  • How to Count and Group different values in a column?

    Hi All,   New to Qlik Sense, and manipulation of data.   I'm trying to count certain values in a column then have them grouped up and displayed as a sum of one number.   For example:   This is ...
    Zaid Alemam
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  • Filter Values using Fields as Variables in Set Analysis

    Hi Everybody,   I have an application I am streamlining.   It has resulted in a need to create Master Measures with Field names as set analysis filters. Here is an example of a valid calculation (WITHOUT u...
    Peter Bower
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  • Aggregation on Calculated Dimension

    Hi all,   I've a calculated dimension 'FinalSegment' and I need to create a Cost measure which uses aggregation on FinalSegment. I tried the following and it didn't work.   I've created variable vFinalSeg...
    Amuktha Chakilam
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  • Too much for if...

    Hello,   I've a csv-table with almost 2 million rows.   Amongst others there some columns I want to "change".   For example: Column "Test10" contains amonst others following data: "Example1, Exampl...
    Jens Graunke
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  • Bar chart with overlaped bar

    Hello,   Do you know if it's possible to do this kind of graph ? (with for each month, 2 différents expressions at the same place but with different bar witdh) Many thanks in advance
    fiere mickael
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  • NPrinting - Edit Template asks for Sign-In

    Hello Folks,   I'm using NPrinting  I'm attempting to create an Excel report that pulls off of a Qlik Sense 3.1 SR1 system.  When I click the "Edit Template" button, it asks me to sign in.&nb...
    Justin Dallas
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  • chart style

    Hi All,   How can I create following chart in Qlikview
    narendra suryawanshi
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  • Calculating master calendar days

    Hi Guys,   I have a master Calendar setup on my dashboard     I need to find the number of  days (Monday - Sunday) currently selected on the master calendar in order to use it as part of an expres...
    John Worth
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  • Create sheet in App from json file

    Hello,   I'm using Qlik Sense with .NET SDK (C#) and also REST API requests to read a json file with definition of a qlik sheet object and then create a new sheet in a App. After creating the sheet, I then appr...
    Miguel Lemos Dias
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  • Dealing with N/A or n/e

    Hi All,   I have the following two exceptions all across my data which is in multiple columns: (a) N/A and (b) n/e.   Now , i have to sum all the columns in a new column, but i am not able to do so beca...
    Anand Gangwar
    created by Anand Gangwar