• Convert IF  to Set analysis

    Hi All,     How to convert the below IF expression in to Set analysis   sum(if(Periods=GetFieldSelections(Period1) and Flag1=3,[Gross Value Local Currency]))
    ij qlik
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  • Column percentage over total with aggregated dimension

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to calculate the percentage of 2 values over the total in a pivot table. Everything works fine when using "Item Group" and "Year" as dimensions. The problem comes when trying to do the ...
    Emili Bonilla
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  • Running QvPlugin 64bit

    Dear Audience, My customer is running Qlikview server and desktop 12 SR5, on Windows 2012R2. We use IE and have a number of different devices we need to support. Sofar we used the Ajax client, but we run into some pr...
    André Ficken
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  • export script into txt file

    Hi everybody.   I've got this need.   I would like to export all the script of my qlikview file into a txt file.   What do you suggest me ?   Thanks
    Marco Rizzo
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  • Set Analysis

    I have the below function which calculate the number of days till yesterday for the selections made in the filter for Year and month.   If there are no selections; it gives the number of days till yesterday dur...
  • Display days in calendar object

    Hi,   Calendar object displays dates. is there a way to display days like Mon, tues.... on top so user knows which day is the calendar starting from or which day user is looking at?   Best Regards, Neha
    Neha Sawant
    created by Neha Sawant
  • Quick question

    I am trying to use this code in a text box:   =Sum( {$<YEAR = {$(#=Max(YEAR))}, [Week No]= {$(#=Max([Week No]))}, DT = {'Date'}, CT -= {ITC}, DCCF = {YES}>} $(vMargin))   and its showing me this numb...
    joe adams
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  • Joining multiple tables - Best Practice

    Hi Experts - Need your opinion what is the best practice when we join multiple tables (more than 5 tables) in qlikview? I mean, By which we should join and by which we should not join... like those things... Bcoz am g...
    Bharani B
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  • Request aborted errors in mashup

    We have mashup which does app.getObject and in the promise method we are calling field select using app.field('field').select([0], false). We see intermittent "request aborted" in the websocket response frames. Websoc...
    praveena mundolimoole
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  • Peek and allocate units

    Hi all,   I'm working on a requirement to allocate units based on my available stock:      Order item Req Able to fill 1 A 10 10 2 A 20 5 3 B 15 10 4 C 20 20        &...
    Mark Graham
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  • svg map issue in qlik sense

    Hi all For Qlik Sense, I brought in the SVG Reader extension from Brian's GitHub (GitHub - brianwmunz/svgReader-QV11: Repository for storing the code for the svgMap extension for QlikView 11.). I am having no issues...
    vikas mahajan
    created by vikas mahajan
  • Change the grid of a container with buttons

    Hi   I would like to know wether there is a possability of changing the grids in a container with buttons. My idea is to press the button and then show a graph in this grid. I have multiple graphs which are wor...
    Luca Bazzi
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  • Or selection

    Hi,   I was wondering what the best way is to achieve an OR selection.   I have in my dataset [From Country] and [To Country]. Sometimes users want to select, Where [From Country] = Netherlands or [To Coun...
    Jurien Groot
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  • if statement in set expression

    Hi everyone   Could someone explain so I understand QV logic better why this is:   Not a working formula Count({$<[so_order_date_YYYYMM]={">=$(=min(date($(vPeriod3),'YYYYMM')))<=$(=max(date($(vPe...
    Thomas Reynaert
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  • dates in between

    have a table with the following month close dates 8/28/2017 9/21/2017 10/28/2017 need to add a new column with all dates in between so I can see all dates related to the month close dates as follow 8/28/2017 ...
    Alec Harf
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  • Extract Date from Time & Calculate the time difference

    Hi,     I need to extract date. How to extract and calculate the time difference to display in a KPI
    Santhoh Ashokkumar
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  • check the date in the period

    Help, please, beginner!)Sorry for my English   I have a list of employees with their absence in the form: Beginning Expiration Employee 1 25.04.2017 25.04.2017 Employee 2 17.07.2017 30.07.2017 Employee 3 01.01....
    Клара Шилина
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  • Count changing form month to month

    Hello All,   I am facing issue count of employees. I generated the report on 27-03-17 for the month of February data and the number is 16448 and I generated the report today for the month of February and the num...
    Ramakrishna Putti
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  • Mutual exclusion of filters

      hi,     I just started to learn Qlik Sense,I'm sorry about the problem that I was sending out.     What I want is that when I select a filter , I can't select another filter。 &n...
    lisa lu
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  • Help required for creation of chart

    Hi   I'm wondering if we can create the below visual in QlikSense?   If Yes, please help in achieving it.   I have only 2 dimensions with MonthYear and Project Status
    Satish Kurra
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