• Alternate States Use

    Hi All,   I want to know if i can use any other identifier in below expression . I totally understand use of $ in below . If i understand it correctly, AssetClass=$:: AssetClass allows AssetClass dimension to c...
    Prince Panghal
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  • Unable to apply "Year Month" (YYYY MMM) filter in Excel - QlikSense

    I'm trying to filter a simple report displaying the same field on the following value using NPrinting June 2018:   Date("Invoice YM", 'YYYY MMM') AS "AsOfYearMonth"   I created the following "AsOfMonth - 2...
    Daniel Schmid
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  • Rolling based last three months average sale

    Hi,   I want to calculate the last three month's (if the current month is "June" the last three months should be March, April & May) average sales. Please find the below table for the data set.   &nbs...
    Andy Manuja
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  • Falha no Login ao acessar Externo

    Bom dia Amigos,   Estou com uma dificuldade, gostaria de compartilhar com vocês, caso alguém já tenha passado por isso e possa me auxiliar.   Criamos um link bi.meudominio.com.br para ac...
    Alex Mariot Bender
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  • Deixar o saldo na Tabela

    Pessoal o que quero é bem simples:   Abaixo existe CodigoProdutoVEF  que esta relacionando CodigoPodutoEVF Gostaria de Diminuiu e apenas aparecer os produtos que estejam com diferença entre Co...
    agnaldo neves
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  • Section Access Not working

    Hi,   In my app I have defined section access based on user login. without publisher its working but in our prod evn scheduled are happening thru Publisher. there i'm facing problem. Super user who has configure...
    Balanandam K
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  • Heatmap background

    hi guys   PFA   on my model - the min(run_date) for db = totus_frm = 25/10/2017. The days BEFORE the 25th are also colored....how can I make them to disappear with a white background?   thanks
    Lorna Louw
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  • Cor da dimensão conforme expressão

    Preciso colocar cor nas dimensões de uma tabela dinâmica conforme o total da expressão por dimensão   Por exemplo, na dimensão "Supervisor" preciso que fique vermelho caso o total da ex...
    Lubian Carmona
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  • Projeção do Mês

    Pessoal, boa tarde   Preciso realizar uma projeção para esse mês no Qlik Sense e a forma que eu fiz está muito extensa (utilizo muito IF).   Por gentileza, alguém poderia suge...
    Felippe Ripper
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  • Cálculo RANGE

    Bom dia pessoal,   Possuo 4 RANGES, conforme imagem abaixo, e cada range possui um ATP(Sum(a)/Count(b)), ou seja, soma de tarifas/ quantidade de transações. Para calcular o SAVING de cada RANGE o c&...
    Josh Ben
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  • Selecting similar column from 2 different sheets

    I have 2 similar columns from 2 different data sheets in Qlik Sense.   Combined.xlsx ! Sheet1     Combined.xlsx ! Sheet2   Is there anything I can put into the expression of my dimension field...
    Yao Jun Yong
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  • Range Bucket

    I need to Count Distinct CUST_CD&DIST_CD where DISC_TYPE = F and MTD_VOL<40&>0. Can anyone suggest how to set range in set ananlysis.
    Deepak Singh
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  • Script Function to determine View or Sense

    10 votes
    We need a script function that identifies if the script execution environment is QlikView or QlikSense. There is some common code where we would want to take a conditional path one way or the other.   The curre...
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • Soma em Período

    Bom dia Comunidade!   Preciso de ajuda para fazer uma expressão onde eu some um valor em que a data dos registros sejam do mês atual ( que não é o último mês )
    Daniel Vale
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  • Help with Logic

    Hi all ( stalwar1) I have a question:   I have sthing like this: Date1,2 and 3; and for every ID, I want to create a rank field, to rank the dates in ascending order; is there a way to do this? without long if...
    omar bensalem
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  • Is there a cut and paste to clipboard extension?

    Does anyone know of a Qlikview extension that allows cut and paste of objects and values to the clipboard.  We would like to do this without using the Qlikview IE plugin. Thanks
    Jim Gibson
    created by Jim Gibson
  • Issue with an IF_THEN_ELSE loop

    Hi,   i am facing a strange issue:   There is a loop, based on a small table loaded from excel that has six entries - inside the loop over this table, there is an IF_THEN processing two of those entries, ...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • Multi selections

    Hi all,   i need small help  , i am caluclating the YOY growth in stright table  so i have a list box with values like 2017Q1 to 2018Q3   so the expression which i used is working fine with s...
    Chanty 4u
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  • Qlik Nprinting Levels

    Hi,   I am using Printing 18.0.1 version in designer and server.I need to create table details in Nprinting  which same as my Qlik Sense App (3+ version).I cant get the completed table data in NPrinting in ...
    subsh raj
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  • Snapshot of whole sheet to be used in Qlik Sense story telling?

    Hello together,   I'm wondering if it would be possible to make a whole dashboard sheet with defined selections available as a snapshot to be used within the story telling function of Qlik Sense.   Live da...
    Markus Hautzer
    created by Markus Hautzer