• Why can't i use order by here? !

    i am just trying to order the events by CustomerID and then Event type so per customer their events are chronological. I must be missing a lot here. It's very frustrating haha ! Is there a reason sorting seems to be i...
    Alex Tomlins
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  • Table - show condition

    Hi,   I have made this table: Company Rank Gross Profit A 1 100$ B 2 98$ C 3 93$ D 4 90$ E 5 87$ F 6 84$ G 7 82$ H 8 77$   And a filter called "ChosenCompany".   I would like to make a condition, thu...
    Andreas Jensen
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  • need help

    hi i have data like this , it is in pivot table   dimension is severity and month and expression as=count(DISTINCT{<[Testing]={'Yes'},Year = {$(vMaxYear)}>}OUT_ID)     The user requirement is...
    sahaja qlik
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  • GeoAnalytics Area Layer labels not in right place

    Hi all   I have a Qlik Sense App in which I plot the GeoJSON coordinates of a floorplan on a map using an Area Layer on top of a GeoAnalytics Map. This works brilliantly, however, some of the labels are in the w...
    Mauritz Zastron
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  • Bring dimension values whether it has data or not

    Hi All,   Can any one say, how to bring all customers whether they contain data or not for all yearperiod and monthperiod   Thanks, keke
    Keerthika B
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  • Using scalability tool need to cache records for few records

    Hi All,   My data refresh every month.for new month of data need to cache  few selections so that first user also not face any issue for refreshed data. I have seen scalability tool can do that which login...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • current to future only

    Hai all, Tresesco B   i have data like  region quarter    value, is there    below is my requirment   Req :  the pivot table should show the  result for ...
    sony sing
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  • Sélections à la souris

    Bonjour à tous,   Cet article a pour objectif d’illustrer les possibilités de sélection à la souris sans nécessairement passer par des set analysis ; ceux-ci sont aussi indiqu&...
    Olivier GAUTIER
    created by Olivier GAUTIER
  • Ignore filter in aggr expression

    Hi guys,   I have a KPI in my Qlik sense app with the following measure: Count(distinct Aggr(nodistinct If(Avg({1<date = {"$(vCompareDate1)"}, brand={"B1"}>} [discount]) > Avg({1<date = {"$(vCompare...
    Rasmus Nielsen
    created by Rasmus Nielsen
  • Loading based on file size

    Dear all,   I am trying to load a set of CSV files that we receive every night, however we receive empty 'shells' if no new data has been entered in the system. So what happens is we have 1KB files sitting on th...
    Joshua Solomon
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  • Meet Our Updated Developer Experience, taking Qlik Branch to New Heights!

    Happy Day of the Programmer! As the 256th day of the year, developers are celebrated on this day based on binary code — an important concept within computer science. You see, 1 Byte consists of 8 Bits. It has 2^...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Qlik Sense September 2018 has arrived!

    We are excited to share news on the September 2018 release of Qlik Sense, and would like to highlight some of the key enhancements in this release. Since the June 2018 Release, we have received overwhelmingly positiv...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Calculate Rolling Growth

      Hi there,   i want to create a line chart to show the growth of the last 12 Month compared to the last 12 Month in the year before. I created an Expression, which gives me the right result. But when i put...
    Fabian Heidenstecker
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  • Backup repository with CMD but don't know how to enter password

    Hello,   Today I have to migrate Qlik to another server and I'm have the password for super user repository. The instruction at the website is pretty clear. I must create a backup of the repository database and ...
    Martijn Wanders
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  • Removing unused (Doc)Cals using powertools

    In QV11 we used to automatically clean DocCals not used for a certain period using the PowerTool QvsManager. This is especially useful when employees have left our company and  when employees no longer use certai...
    Michel de Wit
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  • access the qliksense from out side

    What are the ports to be open in MS sever 2012 R2 to access the qliksense from out side,     Actullay i am facing the issue like , i can the  access qliksense without credentials from out side , at tha...
    vikram dumala
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  • Above and Below function

    Hi All,   I am using above and below expression. It is not working fine.   Please find the attached qvw file. Could all please help me to solve this issue.   Thank you all in advance.     &...
    created by GAYATHRI DEVI
  • How to load last 12 months files dynamically

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement. In a Folder I have the files like below SALEIN_InputBranch_20170119.csv SALEIN_InputBranch_20170120.csv SALEIN_InputBranch_20170121.csv ' ' SALEIN_...
    Mahitha M
    created by Mahitha M
  • Connect to Amazon Seller Central

    Hi,   Has anyone had any experience of connecting to Amazon Seller Central?   I'm looking at the documentation but I'm struggling to work out how to put that into Qlik Web Connectors to connect to the API....
    Adam Abwat-Johnson
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  • Export as an image and export to PDF not available to stream viewers

    Hello team,   As a Qlik Sense Cloud Business user with Editor rights I can export charts as an image, to PDF, and to Excel file:     However, stream viewers can only select the last option. Why is t...
    Ivan Bozov
    created by Ivan Bozov