• Select multiple values in a field action

    Hi i want to select multiple values in a field from my Button, i try to explain: i have those button:     When i click 01 it will select the value 01 from my field "mesefineforn"     "Mese01...
    Daniele Caprelli
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  • Expression returning -0

    I have the following expression   (sum(alt(AMOUNT_DUE_REMAINING,0))-Sum(Alt(AMOUNT_APPLIED,0)))/1000      33 0 60 10,571 23 86 512 2,827 1,339   but if I change it to sum(alt(AMOUNT_DUE_...
    Mina Patel
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  • Count of Min(Date) in line graph is not working in Qliksense

    Hi,   i have table with below fields,   LOAD `invitation_id`,     `client_id`,     `batch_meta_data_id`,     first_email_send_date, // timestamp   ...
    Supriya R
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  • Rolling 12Months for Sales in Bar Chart

    Hello Team, I am trying to show only last 12 months Total_Expense measure value in bar chart... X-Axis = YYYYMM & Y-Axis= Sum of Total Expense.   I am using Sum(TOTAL_EXPENSE) expression in measure value.. ...
    Ramkumar Manickam
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  • How to get Field using .net sdk

    Hi All,       Am new to qlik sense using .net sdk , i want get field Num(value) based on field name in c#. How to achieve this , please help me   Thanks Prasanna A
    Prasanna Raj
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  • Macro: Export as xlsx

    Hello,   I wonder what is VBScript function to export table as xlsx in Qlikview November 2017. For xls I was using ExportBiff but I cannot find what to use for xlsx.   Thanks in advance, Migle
    Migle Purzelyte
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  • section acess

    i m implemented row level section access for different fields  4 .individually all are working but i used all 4 fields for row level means it not working any suggestions please
    manoj kumar
    created by manoj kumar
  • Edit Expression Calculation

    Hi,   I need a calculation please that will essentially do what I need below?   Total_up_Ren / total_ren where Lookup = SWR
    Steven Littlewood
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  • Syntax

    hi guys   I have 2 fields, Period, and Period ID   In a textbox I want to display Period where PeriodID = Period - 1   what is the syntax, please?   Thanks
    Lorna Louw
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  • Rows getting duplicated for conditional columns

    I have one table with FieldA which has unique records. I am joining this table with another table on Field A which has multiple records of same value with additional fields.   Table1 : FieldA a b c   ...
    Rohan Dhavle
    created by Rohan Dhavle
  • Overlay selection and totals in bar graph

    I want to create a single bar graph with live results overlayed in front of the static results for all data (i.e. ignoring selection).  Basically in a single graph one will be able to see the selected data as a p...
    Niel Gerryts
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  • Wildmatch

    Hi,   I am trying to create 2 new new calculated fields.   Field 1 - if C_Type like 'Ren' then Total_Val   Field 2 - if C_Type like 'Ren','New' then Total_Val   How to I write the correct synt...
    Steven Littlewood
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  • How to  get dynamic names for excel and sheet name?

    Hi Experts, In qliksenes how to dynamic name for excel and sheet name ' loveisfail colin_albertkonstantinsstalwar1vandith123sreerangasane     Thanking you krishna
    krishna chaitanya
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  • How can we create an object (LED indicator) to show the R/Y/G status for a particular group of data ?

    Can anyone please post the steps ?
    Mohammed Aquib
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  • Reducing model

    hi guys   PFA   My model dates 12 months back, so as soon as more data populates, it will always display a rolling 12 months - just what I want.   I only have data for Feb and March at this stage, so...
    Lorna Louw
    created by Lorna Louw
  • Trigger action on slider value change ?

    Hi guys, I've been looking how to link a reload upon a value change in a slider ... Could'nt find anything .. Is there a way ? no action tab in the slider properties ?  Or is there a solution to Watch if the var...
    Philippe BARNINI
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  • Detach a column in a table

    Hi,   I have a datasheet which has 5 dimensions and one of the column is Project_Stage.   There is a filter for Project_Stage in some other tab of the application (not in the one having the my datasheet). ...
    Yash Sinha
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  • Chatbot integration

    Hi   I want to start with this highly interesting integration of QS with chatbots. My question which is very basic as it sounds are- - Which release of QS is needed for integration of APIs - Can this integrati...
    Tushar Sharma
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  • Passing parameters to Access Point URL to override OnActivate sheet tigger

    Hi all,   I am well aware of passing parameters to Access Point URL, but I am facing the following issue.   If I have a List Box containing some Report names, I pass &sheet=SH100&select=LB01,'Repor...
    Tanmay Kshirsagar
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  • Load Test the Qlik mashup with Jmeter/LoadRunner

    Hello All,   We have to do load testing for the qlik application using mashups, application uses the web sockets for communication. Please let us know if Jmeter can be used to test the application ?   Usin...
    Mahesh Kendur
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