• Chart shows values for 2 dates

    Hi QV experts!   I have been asked to get record  for Service which should have either the start date or completion date data.  As you can see below, there are 2 for SR ID 7001231900 for start date (20...
    Preciosa Reyes
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  • count distinct and set analysis

    Hi everyone,   I'm having an issue with count distinct and set analysis. Basically each customer has a target score and an actual score. I want to know how many customers have actual >= target AND target&...
    Ninnart Siripun
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  • qlikview Multibox

    Hi all,   I want to show qlik multibox as shown in attachment. Can you please suggest how to proceed.   Thanks
    kishor J
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  • dual function, avg by numeric value, display text string?

    Sorry for multiple questions – I have spent a long time looking for answers to these before posting.  Thanks in advance for you time and patience.   I have below a section of a larger nested if() sta...
    Brayden Ashdown
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  • Filter pane exclusive instead of inclusive?

    Hi all,   I would like to be able to select multiple values in a filter pane and have the rest of the data show instances where BOTH selections are true.  For example, if I had a list of projects which diff...
    Brayden Ashdown
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  • Calculated field in script

    Hi,   I have 2 SQL Select statements from an oracle db in a script.   I'd like to create a calcuated field based on values from each of the 2 seperate SQL scripts.  I know how to do this as a calculat...
    Steven Allen
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  • Qliksense URL accessing issue

    Hi,   When  I  am accessing the qliksense url from mobile then it's showing the issue as 'user is not authenticated', but when I am logging the same user on laptop or desktop then its successfully open...
    Rakesh Pareek
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  • Complex Nested IF syntax needed..

    Hi,   I wanted to use this formula in QlikView script but it is throwing syntax error as it is a complex nested IF !!   Please help   Formula: if (Invoice_Date > 0 ) { (SQ *USP * AR_Exchange_Rat...
    Radhika Kotekar
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  • Weekly Sales in Qlik Sense

    Dear All   Attaching weekly sales demo data please can any one explain how we can get weekly sales analysis.   Current Year             &nbs...
    vikas mahajan
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  • Custom layer is being reset automatically

    Hi Experts,   I have noticed that the text objects custom layer(in layout tab) are being automatically reset to 'Top', 'Bottom', etc. I have checked in this community and found the link below but it was not muc...
    Shyam Sreeramula
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  • Google Analytics with QlikView

    Hi All,   I am not having licensed version of Google Analytics and want to connect it to my Qlikview. Is it achievable or i need licensed version?   Regards, Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
    created by Imran Khan
  • need help with formulas- can you help edit this formula

    I am getting error in expressions when I try to do the following commands:   1) sort dates in ascending and descending order =fabs(Interval([Date Published.autoCalendar.Date] - ('10/1/2017'),'d'))   2) tr...
    Florence Ipaye
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  • QlikSense - Load Script - Adding Large XML files

    mto We are experiencing serious issues with QlikSense when trying to add large XML files to its loader script; look at the picture below; with Qlik Sense the looping (busy) cursor (the circle in the middle) sits ther...
    Arnaldo Sandoval
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  • Standard Deviation

    Hi Guys,   I'm using the below expression in line chart. I need to calculate lower bound and upper bound using standard deviation(reference lines).   Num(Sum({<FileDate={"$(vMaxdate)"}>} FileSize)/Su...
    siva bose
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  • Use Case - Qlik Sense Cmdlet for PowerShell

    Special Thanks Original document can be found here: GitHub - ahaydon/Qlik-Cli: Qlik Sense Cmdlet for PowerShell GitHub - Mochis/Qlik-Cli: Qlik Sense Cmdlet for PowerShell   Why this document? The main purpos...
    Sokkorn Cheav
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  • NPrinting Security Role Definitions

    Hey guys,   I am really struggling to find the definitions between the user roles in NPrinting. I am pretty new to the program. There is small descriptions on the NPrinting role area, but I was wondering if so...
    Russell Glenn
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  • Dynamic execute command with date variable

    Hello,   I have a year worth of of qvd and would like to start deleting any qvd older than 6 months. The qvds are saved with the date in the name. QVDs: employ_20170131 employ_20170122 employ_20170210 emplo...
    Didier Agonvonon
    created by Didier Agonvonon
  • NPrinting 17 - Distributing reports to folders

    Does anyone know if NPrinting can distribute a report to a network folder?  Or only to a folder on the NPrinting Server? (I tried to schedule an NPrinting task to deliver a report to a network folder, but it didn...
    Becky Dunsmoor
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  • How to Create Link Tables?

    Hi I am trying to create a Link table and I am having some issues,       The Fact tables run correctly, but when running the Link Tables script (Highlighted in Red Below) I am getting the  error: ...
    Andres Garcia
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  • Save Daily Progress

    Hello- I have a pivot table that shows the following:  item number, item name, goal, current sales, prediction, difference.  Item number, name and goal are all inputs, however current sales is a sum, and pr...
    Christopher O'Connell
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