• Introducing Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration

    What is Advanced Analytics?   Gartner defines Advanced Analytics as:   The autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of t...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Join the community for Advanced Analytics Extensions

    Join the Qlik Community for Advanced Analytics Extensions, which is open for all customers and partners. Now you can leverage advanced analytics, including R and Python, from within your Qlik app. Your results are int...
    Daniel Bergqvist
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  • Qlik Future Product Design Survey

      Hello Qlik Community Members,   We will be running a series of targeted surveys to gather feedback from different audiences to help us as we continue to innovate. This survey is specifically for existing...
    Sara Leslie
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  • Qlik Summer School : les ateliers techniques

    Bonjour à tous, Je vous invite à rejoindre le 3ème parcours de la Qlik Summer School du 31 juillet au 04 août. Découvrez et approfondissez vos connaissances avec nos ateliers technique. ...
    Leopold De Reynal
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  • Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1 now available

    Dear Qlik Sense user,   We are pleased to announce that Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1 (Build number 11.11.2) is now available on the download site. Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1 contains 4 bug fixes and the detail...
    Pamela Whitney
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  • Trello and Qlik Sense

    Are you a Trello user and want to start integrating your cards with Qlik Sense and getting some statistical analysis out of your projects' workflow? Here I will show you how to connect to you boards and get your lists...
    Yianni Ververis
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  • Take a look at Qlik Sense June 2017

    Hey guys! - I'm very excited to introduce you to our latest release of Qlik Sense, June 2017. Yep - no version number or dots in this naming convention. With the announcement of our continuous release process discusse...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Relever les défis d’analyse du Big Data

    Bonjour à tous,   Connectez-vous lundi à 11h pour découvrir les bonnes pratiques en BI et en data visualisation.   Ian Crosland, Senior Product Manager-Data Management, nous montrera com...
    Leopold De Reynal
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  • Qlik Summer School 2017 : les bonnes pratiques en BI

    Bonjour à tous, Je vous invite à rejoindre le second parcours de la Qlik Summer School du 24 au 29 juillet. Affiner vos connaissances et maîtriser les bonnes pratiques en BI. Parmi les sujets q...
    Leopold De Reynal
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  • Introducing Qlik Sense 3.2

    Well guys - it is release time again and today I am please to announce the arrival of Qlik Sense 3.2. Now if you have been using Qlik Sense Cloud since February 2017, some of these features may seem familiar to you al...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • From Zero to Qlik Hero

      It’s a daunting task. You want to become the work hero, solving business analysis problems with efficiencies that make your company better. You want to go from not knowing much to being an in-house exper...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Accumulative Sums

    We all use QlikCommunity when we need an answer for a QlikView question. We post a question and get an answer, usually in minutes, leveraging the expertise of 91,000+ QlikView users! QlikCommunity is the most-visited ...
    Elif Tutuk
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  • Qlik Sense® will release 5 times a year!

    Did you hear the news?  Qlik® is introducing a continuous release process for Qlik Sense®.   Instead of three releases per year with a dot-zero release in June, Qlik will begin releasing Qlik Sense...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Beep beep beep - Make way for the Qlik Sense Bot

    Warning: This is not actually a  "product".... just a cool example of what is possible with Qlik Sense. Those of you that attended Qonnections would have seen an exciting presentation on the main stage by Tod...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Tuesday Tips and Tricks - On-Demand Report with NPrinting

      Happy Tuesday everyone! - I have the pleasure of introducing our newest contributor to the Qlik Design Blog, Giuseppe Panella. I like to call him Gio! Gio has joined Qlik in 2015 after the acquisition of NPrin...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Alfabetização de dados (Data Literacy)

    Quando escutei a primeira vez sobre "alfabetização de dados", confesso que achei meio estranho. Como assim "alfabetização de dados" ? A única alfabetização que conhecia era a ...
    Pablo Labbe
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  • The Search String

    One of the strengths of QlikView is its search engine. With it, you can find pieces of information in a fraction of a second and select the found field values. But how is the search defined? And where can the search b...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Upcoming Qlik Healthcare Events

    The Qlik Healthcare community has a number of key events throughout the year. We hope you can join us locally and virtually. Stay tuned for more events, or let us know if you'd like one in your area. Healthcare Us...
    Adam Ciperski
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  • Barcelona Marathon, a mashup for discovery

    Guided apps are probably the more common data viz pieces nowadays. Are strongly influenced by the traditional journalistic approach to a story and related with storytelling. The goal of guided apps is to walk the read...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • The new Distribution plot

    The Qlik Sense June 2017 release came with a bunch of new visualizations, distribution plot is one of the new objects available to drag and drop into Qlik Sense. Let’s use an example to check what a distribution...
    Arturo Muñoz
    created by Arturo Muñoz