• How to embed a Qlik Sense chart on your website

    One of the cool things I love about working with data is that very moment after a few minutes exploring a data set when you discover something unexpected in a chart or when you stumble upon a fact that makes a differe...
    Arturo Muñoz
    created by Arturo Muñoz
  • QlikView 11.20 - Important Support Update

    Commitment to our QlikView Customers In accordance with Qlik®’s Maintenance Policy, standard support for QlikView 11.20 has ended as of March 31, 2018. However, based on customer feedback Qlik has decided t...
    Gregory Hood
    created by Gregory Hood
  • Angularjs & Capabilities API - DropDown Directive

    In a lot of my projects I had to create a drop down menu for selections instead of the build in filter object from Qlik Sense. This is for several reasons like ui experience, feel and look but most importantly, for gi...
    Yianni Ververis
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  • Use of a Silent Legend

    When creating a chart in QlikView that has multiple expressions, a legend is created for each expression.  Sometimes, I find that the legend takes up too much space and I spend time trying to move it or adjust th...
    Jennell McIntire
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  • Qlik Qonnections 2018での医療向けセッション

    多数のヘルスケア関連事例セッション   2018年4月23日にアメリカ フロリダ州オーランドで開催されるQlikの恒例のイベントQlik Qonnections 2018では多くのヘルスケア関連の事例セッションが行われます。 https://www.qlikqonnections.com/sessions/2018-sessions/?industry=healthcare   先日ご紹介したオタワ救急サ...
    Taro Murata
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  • Qlik Sense April 2018 is now available

    Dear Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense Mobile users   The latest Qlik Sense release is now available on our download site.   Qlik Sense April 2018 is a feature release and includes an exciting new development ...
    Gregory Hood
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  • The As-Of Table

    Last week I wrote about how the Above() function can be used for calculating rolling averages and other accumulations. There is however also an alternative method for doing the same thing: The As-Of table.   ...
    Henric Cronström
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  • What's New in Qlik Sense April 2018

    Hey guys - it's What's New in Qlik Sense time and I have prepared a brief video to share some of the awesome highlights in our next release Qlik Sense April 2018.     Highlights include:   Assisted ...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Cognitive Engine, Chart Suggestions, Tips and Tricks - Qlik Sense April 2018

    Hey guys - I know you will love this blog and video as much as I enjoyed making it; working with this really smart feature in the Qlik Sense April 2018 release. Here I will present a new feature made available in Qlik...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • The Search String

    One of the strengths of QlikView is its search engine. With it, you can find pieces of information in a fraction of a second and select the found field values. But how is the search defined? And where can the search b...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Introducing Qlik Core® - Beta

    Imagine having a suite of proven tools and technologies built for developers by developers that allows you to build highly-scalable, cloud ready solutions using the power of the Qlik Associative Engine. Well, imagine ...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Qualification Exams: Customers can prove their Qlik Sense skills for FREE!

    Qlik Education is pleased to announce a new feature in Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC): FREE Qualification Exams for Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Qlik Sense Data Architect. What is a Qualification Exam? The Qualif...
    Karen Origlio
    last modified by Karen Origlio
  • Coming on Thursday 19 April - Techspert Thursday Webinar - Troubleshooting

    Dear Qlik users   The Global Support team host monthly webinars on various subjects, covering issues which we see reported to us in support.   The Techspert Thursday Webinars are really well attended a...
    Gregory Hood
    created by Gregory Hood
  • Qlik Community Survey

    Hello Qlik Community Members, We are planning some improvements to Qlik Community throughout 2018 and would like to ask you for some feedback on areas you find useful and where you want to see improvements. Please t...
    Sara Leslie
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  • The new Waterfall chart

    One of our new additions to the charts library is the Waterfall chart. It’s useful to visualize how an initial value evolves (increment or decrements) over time or in distinct stages. It’s widely used acro...
    Arturo Muñoz
    last modified by Arturo Muñoz
  • Become Certified at the 2018 Qonnections!

      If you are joining us at Qonnections this year we recommend becoming certified!  All Qlik Certification Exams are discounted to $100 USD each. Seats are limited and pre-registration is recommended. Put yo...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Qlik and SAP Connectivity

    You may not be aware that Qlik has a long-standing integration and partnership with SAP. Qlik have delivered and maintained connectivity to SAP ERP and BW for in excess of 10 years.   As SAP have evolved, Qlik h...
    QlikConnectors Updates
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  • Analisando mensagens de Grupos do Whatsapp 2

    ! !Olá,   Tenho apresentado a solução para analisar grupos do Whatsapp para bastante gente. Estou usando para analisar diversos grupos que participo com boa aceitação. Essa solu&cc...
    Pedro Bergo
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  • Qlik活用事例:救急隊員の遅延軽減にER(救急救命室用)ディスプレイを活用

    救急情報をリアルタイムに表示するモニターをオタワ市(カナダ)の4つの病院に導入   カナダの首都オタワでは緊急通報が入っても出動できる救急車がない"レベルゼロ"の状態が発生していました。これを改善するために緊急通報への対応状況を救急隊員と病院がリアルタイムに共有することで、迅速な対応に役立てています。このブログは主に以下の記事の紹介となります。   "ER displays aim to ease dela...
    Taro Murata
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  • Preceding Load

    A QlikView feature that is poorly known and brilliant in its simplicity is the Preceding Load.   If you don’t know what it is, then I strongly suggest that you read this blog post and find out. Because it ...
    Henric Cronström
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