• Enhancing the User Experience Using Conditional Expressions

    As QlikView developers, one of our main focuses is on the user experience. There are many instances where objects only need to be shown upon the user’s request. An example of this is list boxes (filters). With t...
    Charles Bannon
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  • Big Data Analytics In Hospitality Industry - Moderation 05.31.2016

    The hospitality sector is growing at a rapid pace both at the national and global level. As this sector expands in diverse directions, there is a growing adaption of technology and resources across this sector. Built ...
    andrew palm
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  • Creating custom administrative roles in Qlik Sense

    When we developed the security rules for Qlik Sense, I didn’t anticipate the wide adoption of these for defining new administrative roles in the QMC. But now that Qlik Sense has been in the market for a while we...
    Fredrik Lautrup
    created by Fredrik Lautrup
  • Qlik Sense 3.0: Visual Data Preparation Teaser

    Assista ao Teaser no YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ymad3xKTjCs   Another link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymad3xKTjCs
    Clever Anjos
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  • ABC analisys. As it should be...

    Upd. 30.05.2016. Guys, all that is written below is only for a small amount of data. With big data all running so slow that it is unacceptable. It turned out there is a simple and working method ABC Analysis to set ...
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  • Implicit Set Operators

    In Set expressions, an equals sign can be used to assign a selection to a field. But this is not the only assignment symbol that can be used. There are a couple of others. This post is about the alternative assignment...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Cyclic Group in Qlik Sense

    In developing Qlik sense application we some time faced a task to create cyclic drill in Qlik Sense, and yes its not a feature of Qlik sense Charts available currently. I searched the community and found solutions, th...
    Vishal Sharma
    created by Vishal Sharma
  • Angularjs, Capabilites API - getObject the Angular way using directive

    I have written several posts on Angular.js and the Capabilites API which are based on the template GitHub - yianni-ververis/capabilities-api-angular-template: A simple mvc template for building webpages with Qlik Sens...
    Yianni Ververis
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  • How-to´s

    24 problemas comuns e suas soluções :How To /Missing Manual (24 articles) "Receitas" para implementar soluções: Recipes | Qlikview Cookbook
    Clever Anjos
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  • Healthcare Apps on Qlik Sense Cloud

    I'm inviting all of you to connect with me to experience some of our favorite healthcare apps in Qlik Sense Cloud (learn more about it). Would you like a free invite with access to the apps? Drop me a line: joe.war...
    Joe Warbington
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  • Tips and tricks for section access in Qlik Sense (2.0+)

    Almost every person I meet to talk about Qlik products and security bring up the concept of section access for discussion. I think section access is one of those things that you either love or hate, but as a company u...
    Fredrik Lautrup
    created by Fredrik Lautrup
  • QlikView and Intervals

    I would like to share a small exercise I did some time ago and since then it's being really helpful regarding intervals in QlikView.   Because in some cases I need to work with periods of time between A and B da...
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  • Video: Hidden Insights in Healthcare Data - Clinical Variation

    Qlik Guided Tour: Hidden Insights in Healthcare Data - YouTube   With Qlik, you can discover the whole story that lives within your healthcare data. By bringing together all of your data (even from previously si...
    Joe Warbington
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  • It's not an Ugly Duckling

    I recently worked with others within Qlik to analyze a massive amount of data from ClinicalTrials.Gov using Teradata Aster.   One of the many analytical functions we ran calculated the probability of success fo...
    Dalton Ruer
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  • Five Qlik Sense extensions you should check now

    It’s been a little bit over a year since last time I posted about extensions here so I thought it would be nice to update this topic with fresh extensions submitted to our developer community Qlik Branch. Rememb...
    Arturo Muñoz
    created by Arturo Muñoz
  • QlikView Server - Issue with Certificate Trust and some Windows Updates

    Hi QlikView Server Administrators,   we have been made aware of 3 recent Windows Updates which seem to cause problems with QlikView Server using certificate trust for service communication.   Communica...
    Gregory Hood
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  • Dimensões e Medidas

    Traduzido e adaptado de link. Autorizado por hic.   Para construir um gráfico in QlikView ou Sense - ou em qualquer outra ferramenta de BI - você precisa saber o que são Dimensões e Expres...
    Clever Anjos
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  • Virtual Scrolling - Improving Performance of Mashups and Extensions

    The problem, the solution  Recently, while making a mashup in Angular.js using the Capability APIs I noticed that my UI was performing very poorly. In particular, making a selection in one of my custom selection...
    Francis Kabinoff
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  • How to resolve addresses into Qlik Sense Geo Points?

    The requirements  During the last few days I’ve been working in a new project around weather data, we wanted to visually represent how temperatures had risen during the last decades. We have a bunch of tem...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • Conditional Aggregations

    Often you need to create conditional aggregations in QlikView, e.g. when you want to create a graph that shows this year’s numbers only, also if there are several years possible.     There are basica...
    Henric Cronström
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