• The Master Calendar

    One of the most common problems to solve in data modeling is that of time. How to assign month name and other time attributes to a date. The solution is called a master calendar.   A master calendar table is a d...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Conditional Aggregations

    Often you need to create conditional aggregations in QlikView, e.g. when you want to create a graph that shows this year’s numbers only, also if there are several years possible.     There are basica...
    Henric Cronström
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  • IntervalMatch na Prática

    Fala galera, tudo bom? Já se depararam com uma situação em que era necessário fazer um JOIN entre tabelas, porém esse JOIN não é o valor exato da segunda tabela e sim um valor ...
    Yuri Nicolett
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  • Improving Governance / Monitoring Apps in Sense (Operations Monitor, License Monitor)

    Calling all Qlik Sense user, admins, and experts -   As the developer of the Monitoring apps (Operations Monitor and License Monitor), I am continually seeking insightful feedback and input from the field. I wa...
    Tyler Waterfall
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  • The Qlikosphere, 18 blogs you should follow

    This is part one in a series of blog posts where I will share some of the resources that I use on a daily basis. Today I am going to share some of my bookmarks, specifically blogs. These are some of the most interesti...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • SAP Connector 5.90 now available

    The latest release of our SAP connector package for QlikView is now available to download.   The 5.90 release includes a number of enhancements including:   Brand new connector for SAP BEx queriesDramatical...
    Dean Ansermoz
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  • Accumulative Sums

    We all use QlikCommunity when we need an answer for a QlikView question. We post a question and get an answer, usually in minutes, leveraging the expertise of 91,000+ QlikView users! QlikCommunity is the most-visited ...
    Elif Tutuk
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  • Qlik Sense – Date & Time

    One of the new features release on Monday with Qlik Sense 1.1 is the ability to generate date and time fields.  Now, you may be thinking that you always generate date fields in your applications – I know th...
    Jennell McIntire
    created by Jennell McIntire
  • What does the TOTAL qualifier do?

    @What does the TOTAL qualifier do when used in a chart expression?  I have used TOTAL in an expression when I want to perform an aggregation across all dimensions.  For instance, if I need to show the percen...
    Jennell McIntire
    created by Jennell McIntire
  • The Search String

    One of the strengths of QlikView is its search engine. With it, you can find pieces of information in a fraction of a second and select the found field values. But how is the search defined? And where can the search b...
    Henric Cronström
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  • The Date Function

    One Qlik function that occasionally causes confusion is the Date function. I have often seen errors caused by an incorrect usage of it, so today I will try to explain what the function does – and what it does no...
    Henric Cronström
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  • QlikView Connector for use with SAP Netweaver 5.80 SR2 - Released

    QlikView Connector for use with SAP Netweaver 5.80 SR2 is now generally available to customers and partners. The software and release notes can be found on the download site http://global.qlik.com/download.   Hi...
    Ian Crosland
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  • Qlik Community Version Upgrade

    Hello Qlik Community Members,   I'm sure you noticed our scheduled maintenance window last week and again yesterday. Apologies for the extended outages which we know impact your collaboration and research schedu...
    Sara Leslie
    created by Sara Leslie
  • Important Information for QlikView Server 11.20 SR10 administrators using Microsoft Internet Information Services

    Dear QlikView Server Administrators We have released an official Update for QlikView 11.20 Service Release 10 (SR10), build 11.20.12758 which replaces 11.20.12742 on our download site.  There are no code chang...
    Gregory Hood
    created by Gregory Hood
  • Relatório AD-HOC

    Fala pessoal, tudo beleza?   Afinal, o que é e como construir um relatório ad-hoc?   Em primeiro lugar precisamos entender o termo ad-hoc. Sempre que utilizamos o termo ad-hoc, estamos se referin...
    Yuri Nicolett
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  • How to Analyze your Outlook Email using Qlik Sense

    I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about using Qlik Sense for visual analytics & GTD on emails.  I am releasing the Qlik Sense App and documentation on how to get it working.  This is personal project t...
    Arthur Lee
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  • QlikView 11.20 SR11 Beta is now available

    QlikView version 11.20 Service Release 11 Beta is now available to existing customers and partners.   This Service release contains more than 250 bug fixes and some improved functionality: • QVS stability ...
    Irena Calovska
    created by Irena Calovska
  • The $(Include) which you $(Must_Include) into your toolkit

    As your QlikView deployment grows in size it can quickly get unwieldy unless you start imposing some sort of structure and standards to it. In Computer Science we sometimes talk about Separation of concerns, http://e...
  • QlikView Quoteology

    In all programming environments there is a need for quotation marks, and QlikView is no exception. But which symbol should you use? " ", [ ], ` ` or ' '? This post will try to explain the differences between the diffe...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Welcome to the newly updated QlikCommunity!

    Welcome to the upgraded QlikCommunity. Thank you for your patience while we were offline making updates this weekend. During your next few visits take some time to check out the new navigation and functionality.  ...
    Sara Leslie
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