• QlikView NPrinting 17 Beta is now available

    We are glad to inform that the beta program for QlikView NPrinting 17 is now available to our existing customers and partners.   QlikView NPrinting is the reporting platform for QlikView. With QlikView NPrinting...
    Irena Calovska
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  • Direct Discovery

    IntroductionBy default, QlikView will load all data available directly to main memory based on scheduled tasks or manual actions for reload data. All calculation made to answer user navigation get data from memory whe...
    Fernando Tonial
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  • Article: Healthcare analytics: Early days for many, significant progress for some

    Nick Scartz, Chief Analytics Officer at Adventist, was recently interviewed by CIO Magazine: Healthcare Analytics: Early days for many, significant progress for some.    Recent surveys seem to suggest t...
    Joe Warbington
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  • Enhancing the User Experience Using Conditional Expressions

    As QlikView developers, one of our main focuses is on the user experience. There are many instances where objects only need to be shown upon the user’s request. An example of this is list boxes (filters). With t...
    Charles Bannon
    created by Charles Bannon
  • Flipping Homes or just Flipping Out

    I’ve enjoyed my career in Business Intelligence but after seeing the following visualization which shows the amazing potential for earning profit in the home flipping business I think it’s time I became a ...
    Dalton Ruer
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  • Data Reduction Using Multiple Fields

    Last week I wrote about authorization using Section Access and data reduction. In the example, a user was associated with a country and this entry point in the data model determined whether a record was visible or not...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Custom charts with the Capability APIs

    So you're interested in building custom charts in Qlik Sense mashups but don't know where to begin? Let's walk through building one.   The basic flow of building a custom chart goes like this - 1. Get a hypercu...
    Francis Kabinoff
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  • Qlik REST Connector Beta is now available for partners

    We are pleased to announce the beta program for the Qlik REST Connector. This Beta release is available for existing partners only.   The Qlik REST Connector provides a means for the Qlik Analytics Platform to ...
    Irena Calovska
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  • Mauvaise interprétation du format date en entête de colonne.

    Bonjour à tous, Débutant en Qlick Sense, je ne sais pas faire de commentaire Pour Que les Entetes de colonnes de mon Initiation Excel Soit bien affichées et interprétées en format date Dans...
    Hervé Heck
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  • AJAX and URL parameters

    Sometimes you want QlikView to open with a specific set of selections, apply a bookmark or perhaps even deep link to a specific sheet. A typical use case could be to embed an entire app or a single object inside a CR...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Customizable Straight Table

    In many of the demos that I have done, I have added a customizable straight table or ad-hoc report where the user can select the dimensions and measures that should appear in the chart.  This is often helpful and...
    Jennell McIntire
    created by Jennell McIntire
  • Inpatient EHR Vendor Selections - Pick Your Favorite Visualization

    In an article entitled Which Vendors Lead the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market? author Jennifer Bresnick on November 19, 2015 details some of the fragmentation in the market for not only electronic health record s...
    Joe Warbington
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  • When the going gets Flat, the Flat gets going…

    When Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 UI, which they called the ‘Metro’ style, there were whispers of a new underlying design concoction which was happening in an effort to set a trend. The whispers quickl...
    Apeksha Pathak
    created by Apeksha Pathak
  • Qlik Sense qual a finalidade dos [[[  ou ]]] nos pontos geográficos?

    Amigos.   Tenho usado mapas no Qlik Sense, usando somente a extensão nativa (MAPA), porem tenho visto em alguns exemplos em vídeo, que em mapas de Polígonos ou areas, aparecem os caracteres [[...
    Marco Carvalho
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  • Controle seu Extrator por planilhas

    Fala pessoal, beleza?   Essa semana vou passar um dica sobre como controlar sua aplicação de extração através de uma planilha em excel.   Lembra do ETL? Extração, Tra...
    Yuri Nicolett
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  • Aprenda a criar relatórios que respondem as perguntas: O que não vendeu? Quem não vendeu?

    Fala pessoal, beleza?   Sempre após a entrega de relatórios que exibem o resultado de vendas, a curiosidade bate a porta: Eu sei o que vendeu e o que mais vendeu, mas quais são os produtos que ...
    Yuri Nicolett
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  • The As-Of Table

    Last week I wrote about how the Above() function can be used for calculating rolling averages and other accumulations. There is however also an alternative method for doing the same thing: The As-Of table.   ...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Qlik Sense 2.0 SR5 Now Available

    Today we are publishing service release 5 (SR5) for Qlik Sense 2.0.  This SR includes fixes to an array of issues detailed in the release notes that you can find attached to this post.  This service release ...
    John Trigg
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  • Qlik Sense Service Release 2.0.5 released and sunsetting vizubi.com

    Dear Qlik users Qlik Sense 2.0.5 Released We are pleased to announce that the latest Service Release for Qlik Sense, SR 2.0.5 has been released and is now available on our download site.   SR 2.0.5 contain...
    Gregory Hood
    created by Gregory Hood
  • Want an opportunity to impact Qlik product direction and have a chance to win the book "Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide"?

    This is an opportunity for all lovers of Qlik products to share how you use our products, what you like, dislike and help shape the future of Qlik products.   There will be a random drawing of 10 survey submissio...
    Irena Calovska
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