QV-AS01 - Stock Histórico -.xlsx

    digvijay attached you'll find a file with he info.


    For the turnover I use two files, but one of them is just to big to export from access. It is called:


    QV-AA01 - Reporte AMSA - Base Margenes -



    The other (file attached): QV-AS01 - Stock Histórico -


    I marked on yellow colums that act as variables:





    As you noticed USD_Costo_Venta_Total is empty cause it goes and finds it from the file: QV-AA01 - Reporte AMSA - Base Margenes -, this because we have two different cubes (Sales Cube and Stock Cube).

    I also marked in green a SKU for a specific warehouse "ME00".

    What it has to do in qlikview is to go and find the SKU (Material) for a specific WH (ME00) and: (add USD_Costo_Venta_Total for last 12 months (Mes_FF)) / (average USD_Stock_Cierre for last 12 months (Mes_FF))