Brief about 9 Folders of QlikView Deployment Framework

    Based on my understanding, I am trying to explain the 9 folders of QlikView Deployment Framework

    Resource Container is building block of QlikView Deployment Framework and has 9 folders

    9 Folders.jpg

    • Application :  All QlikView (.qvw) applications, . Prj-folders and version control files are stored in this folder


    • QVD : Source path where all QlikView data files are stored and application reads QVD files from


    • Include : All scripts (.qvs) are included in this folder. Also, key to QDF initiation (init.qvs),  Variable files, Connections Strings and QlikView Components (QVC.qvs) are stored in this folder


    • Mart : Pre modeled Data Marts are stored in this folder for further data discovery  and to be used in a power user sandbox


    • Config : Home Folder for custom configuration files such as language setups and control documents  e.g. config.qvs of QlikView Components.


    • Script : All script files used by either QlikView publisher or Windows scheduled tasks are stored in this folder. It may include scripts that are manually executed to make adjustments or manipulations to container content.


    • Export : All files generated by QlikView, that are to be used by another system e.g.  XML, CSV files to be exported to a web service.


    • Import : Folder used by the other systems to store their output files e.g. response of a web service.


    • Misc : Documentation, object extensions and all other  miscellaneous files used by applications in the container


    For detailed understanding please refer Vegar Lie Arntsen's blog called The 9 folders of QlikView Deployment Framework