Qlik Community Tip: Moderation Basics


    Moderation Defined


    Moderation is a critical part of any online community. It’s the process of monitoring incoming content submissions ensure the content:


    • Adheres to posted guidelines
    • Contains appropriate and useful details
    • Posted to the correct area


    Moderators in Qlik Community

    All moderators in Qlik Community are either employees or contractors of Qlik Inc. Their goal is to keep forums active with useful content.


    All Qlik Employees have a green star icon next to their profile name.

    Support personnel also have a green headset icon.

    employee badges.jpg


    Content in Moderation Queue

    Your content may end up in moderation for a number of reasons.



    Other members have flagged it for review based on a variety of reasons including but not limited to: posted guidelines, inappropriate content, spam, harassment of other members, posting non English in main forums, vague response, posting a non-associated question, copying others responses or even posting a non-valuable response.



    All documents require review and approval prior to posting. We review all new posts to the resource libraries to ensure that all content adheres to our Document posting standards, is current and valuable to other members. 



    Discussions may end up in moderation if you include external links or specific terms that trigger the moderation process.



    There are various types of spam that will trigger the moderation process: including specific keywords, inappropriate products/services promoting your company, services or paid literature.


    Content Moved or Edited

    Sometimes content that has been already been approved via moderation will go back to the moderation queue if it has been moved or edited.


    Content Rejection

    We will generally reject content that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines and/or per the details above. We will also delete duplicate postings. When content is rejected we try to send you a follow up email with the reason and a copy of your original content.


    How to get your content posted quickly

    We want your content to be posted and for other members to help answer questions to help solve problems. We also want the community to be easy to navigate and clear of clutter for other members. Try to post content in the most appropriate forum with a specific scannable title, clear details and supporting information.


    If you have questions or need assistance don’t hesitate to send over an email: sara.leslie@qlik.com