Saving .qvw versions quickly

    Hi folks, This is just a reminder for the majority of folks but may be of some assistance to others, especially the newbies. When working with large data sets, use of the Debug functionality to test 000’s of rows before working with 000,000’s++ rows is essential.  However, even when working with 00,000’s of rows, QV scripts can end lead to lot of data being pulled into ram from your working script.  Regular saving of the .qvw is essential but this can be time consuming when QlikView has to save all the post-script execution working data.  To instantly save just the .qvw without all this data, go to the Debug functionality and then hit Close straightaway.  This removes all resident data so that you can save the current .qvw with no delay.  A word of caution, hitting the Cancel button will close without warning and you could lose all of your most recent changes.  Making use of this method will allow you to create development versions of your .qvw’s in a convenient manner. Regards, Alex