Qlik Deployment Framework 1.5.1 released

    Hi Everyone, we have now released QDF version 1.5.1. The biggest enhancement is QlikView 12 support. Some minor container improvements, possibility to renumber or remove container folder numbers. Also possible to add extract, transform, load folders under QVD. Below is a more complete enhancement list.

    Download latest version here:Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool


    Best regards

    Magnus Berg


    Whats new in version 1.5.1?

    • Added support for QlikView 12 in VariableEditor
    • Added Smart identification of container folders, folder numbers (like 1.) can be removed
      • Also numbers in folders can be renamed, example 2.QVD rename to 1.QVD without breaking scripts
    • Smart identification makes it possible to add Extract/Transform/Load folders under the QVD folder, Example:
      • Add folder QVD\1.Extract creates vG.ExtractPath
      • Add folder QVD\2.Transform creates vG.TransformPath
      • Add folder QVD\3.Load creates vG.LoadPath
    • Added Major improvements of the IndexLoad function, like multiple table support (seperated by ,) Example:
      • IndexLoad('','Finance,Sales'); Will load in all QVD's containing tables Finance and Sales.