How to Set Columns Width in an Excel Report

    This tutorial illustrates how set column width in an Excel Report. NPrinting keeps the table format by default. Un-checking this property will apply the Excel template format. See also "Can I apply Excel formatting to my Excel reports?"




    Create New Excel Template: Embed Table Column by Column in Template Editor


    Create a New Excel Report and embed the CH184 table column by column. Refer to the tutorial "How to Create Excel Reports".


    Excel Column Width Settings


    Uncheck the Keep Source Formats box for the table.

    The Excel column width depends on the Keep Source Formats option:

    • With Keep Source Formats, the Excel column width will be the same as in QlikView
    • Without Keep Source Formats, the Excel column width will be the same as in the template

    Refer to the tutorial "Which formats can I use in columns?".


    Set the Column Width

    1. Right-click on the selected column
    2. Click on Column Width
    3. Enter desired width value
    4. Click on the OK button.

    Do these steps for the other three columns.


    Run Preview


    Click on Preview in the Actions group.


    The Result


    Un-checking Keep Source Formats will result in using Excel's column widths.