What I learned from QlikSense videos

    This document is an opportunity to remind me what I learned from the several videos viewed at the following url :



    1. Latest Qlik Sense Videos

              Not watched yet



    2. Introduction and Getting Started

              Installing Qlik Sense Desktop and prerequisites - video 1

              I didn't whatch this video since I am using QlikSense Server and not QlikSense desktop


              Create your first app and visualization - video 2

              I learn how to load excel file into QlikSense.

              I learn the difference bewteen Dimension which are more descriptive information and measure which are calculation per given dimensions.

              I also learned the graph and how to insert a target number in a graph using the apearence sub section.

              Interface Orientation and Navigation - video 3

              Nice description of the button of the interface it showed also the section where you can save a item of a shhet like a graph.

              Sharing Qlik Sense Desktop Apps (1.x)

              Here it is the way to share the application you created with QlikSense desktop but not QlikSense server. The problem is that I am using the server version and I am not able to perform this task.

              Using Data Story Telling (not finished to sse cause not priority)

              To start the story telling you have to start by creating a snap shot or several snapshots.

              Then you start your story telling by adding slides and snapshots on these slides.


              Working with Visualizations

              You add a chart the you add dimensions and measures.

              Then you edit it using the right panel contening the properties.

              There is the notion of master items. To create one you can just move one of your visualization to the master items section which is on the left panel. Then if you do change on the master items mon the visulaization that are linked to it will be changed accordingly.

              At the reverse you can create a visualisation from a master item but if you want to edit it without alterating the master item you have to unlink it.

              The end of the video is about searching in your visualization when you finsihed to edit it.


    3. Qlik Sense Key Capabilities


              Global Smart Search (1.x)

              It is about the global search that you can acces when you use a sheet that has been created. You just have to click on the search icon loacted top right and it will search in the sevreal visualizations at once.

              Data Storytelling (1"39)

              It is just an overview of the advantages of using the story telling


              Working with Selections (7"38)

              It is about the selection wiht a created sheet. There is an isntance with the fruit or vegatables selections and the update of other filters such as the color or the location where are sold the fruits and vegetables.

              There is also the meaning of the green, white and shape of grey colors.

              Collaboration features of Qlik Sense (4"17)

              The streams are the classification of the app in your kind of enterprise hub. There is also the notion that people from the Business can create themself the visualizations without the help of the IT department. Then the story telling capabilities that allow to share the data in the context of a meeting for instance.


              Qlik Sense Mobility (6"34)

          Here the mobility notion is about the display of QikSense on any devices. From desktop to tablet or smartphone device.