Distributing Reports to FTP Destinations

    Reports can be sent directly to FTP destinations by NPrinting. Setting this up is a two-step process. First you need to create an FTP destination and then you need to define that destination as the "output folder" for your Task.

    Open FTP Window

    1. Click on the Tools tab in the NPrinting ribbon.
    2. Click on the Ftp button in the Destination group in the ribbon.
    3. Click on New FTP

    Note: You will not be able to Remove any pre-existing FTP Destinations of any tasks until you delete them from the tasks.


    Create an FTP Destination

    1. Enter a Name
    2. Enter a Description (optional)
    3. Enter Host IP address and Port number
    4. Enter a Username
    5. Enter a Password, if necessary
    6. If the destination folder of the FTP Host above is also published on the Internet through a web server, the URL can be entered here. The URL can be included in the body of an e-mail message by adding a tag, see: What elements can I add to NPrinting e-mail?
    7. Click on Advanced to open the advanced parameters dialog, if necessary

    Set Advanced Parameters


    After you have completed your advanced selections:

    1. Click on Verify connection to see if the connection is configured correctly
    2. Click on OK to save the FTP destination

    Finish Creating FTP Destination


    Click on Close.


    Send Reports to an FTP Destination

    1. Click on the General tab of an Excel Report or QlikView Report Task
    2. Select the Custom folder radio button under Use
    3. Open the Type drop-down window and select Ftp destination
    4. Click on the browse button to the right of the Value text box

    Add other sub-locations to the end of the ftp destination (like ftp://my_file_server/Recipient name). Add the recipient subfolder, for instance. See: Dynamic Output Paths

    Select FTP Destinations

    1. Select the FTP destination from the list
    2. Click on OK

    Save the Task up with FTP Destination


    Save and Close the Report Task.


    Launch Task


    Click on the Run icon.


    Possible Need of Intervention


    You may receive a security alert from Windows Firewall. In this case, click on Allow access. Making these selections permanently resolves the issue.


    Send to FTP


    NPrinting logs show that the report has been copied into the remote FTP destination.