How to Make a Calculated Column in Excel Reports

    When creating a template for an Excel report, you may need to create a column that combines the values of two or more other columns with or without coefficients. A third column will be obtained by subtracting the values in one column from the values in the other. Then the derived values of the third column will be divided by the corresponding values from one of the original two columns.

    Add Table as Level

    1. Right click on the Levels node
    2. Select Add level
    3. Select one or more charts that have the fields you want to combine to create an additional field
    4. Click on OK

    Embed Table Level in Template


    Drag the chart node into the template and drop it onto the first cell of three vertically aligned empty cells.


    Add Fields to Template

    1. Expand the table node(s) by clicking on the '+' to the left of each
    2. Drag field nodes into the template, dropping them onto empty cells in columns that are in the same column or to the right of the column containing the level tags and in a row that is between the rows containing the level tags

    Enter Formula to Be Calculated


    Enter the formula either in the cell editor at the top or directly in the cell.


    Use Calculated Field as Input for Another Calculated Field


    Enter the formula either in the cell editor at the top or directly in the cell.


    Add Headings to Columns


    Enter headings for each of the columns in a row one or two above the row containing the <CH184_Level> tag and format them.


    View Results


    I have applied conditional formatting to the last column, Saved, Closed, and Previewed.