How to Use Pages to Generate Individual Slides in PowerPoint for Each Combination of Multiple Field Values

    Create a slide for every combination of values from two or more fields. The employ of two fields is illustrated here. You can also customize the final order of produced slides. There is some preliminary work that must be done in QlikView and then the creation of a PowerPoint report template is carried out.


    Part I: Prepare Table Box in QlikView


    Open QlikView Document in QlikView


    Open SalesDemo.qvw in QlikView.

    1. Select the QlikView sheet where you might want the new object to appear and right click any empty part of the sheet
    2. Select New Sheet Object
    3. Click on Table Box...

    Create Table Box

    1. Select the fields of interest from the list of Available Fields. For instance "Country" and "Year"
    2. Click on the Add button so that the chosen fields get transferred to the Fields Displayed in Tablebox list
    3. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the New Table Box window

    Optional: Customize the Sort Order


    You can customize the sort order of slides in the final PowerPoint report by setting the sort order in the original QlikView object. This step is optional, you can skip it if you want to keep the original order of the slides.


    Part II: Create PowerPoint Report


    Create New Template


    Create a new report and open the Template Editor

    1. Right click on the Page node
    2. Click on the Add page to current sheet pop-up button

    Select Field Table for Page

    1. Select the Connection with the QlikView document that contains the Table Box object that has been prepared
    2. Select Table for Field Combination Pages in NPrinting - TB04 in the Select Page list
    3. Click on the OK button

    Create Slide Heading

    1. Expand TB04_Page - Table for Field Combination Pages in NPrinting node
    2. Compose the slide heading, dragging the Country and Year node tokens and dropping them in the appropriate positions

    Add Chart Object as Image

    1. Add Sales by Category -  CH311 to the Images node
    2. Drag the CH311 - Sales by Category node token into the template and drop it onto the slide

    Preview Report


    Inspect slide 49.