How to Delete Recipients Automatically When Importing

    This tutorial shows how the automatic deletion of recipients when importing recipients works. Eliminate imported recipients who are no longer present in a data source with a task. This feature is controlled by two new properties: the task property "Delete old recipients" and the recipient property "Imported from task", which is read only. The "Imported from task" flag is indicated for a recipient imported by task. A recipient is eliminated from the list when the “Delete old recipients” box is flagged in the same task that imported the recipient and that task is re-launched but the recipient is no longer present in the data source.

    Only those recipients imported previously by the task but not currently present in the data source are eliminated.

    Filters related to the deleted recipients will not be deleted and still remain also if they were created by the same import task. This feature will be added in a future release.


    Create New Recipient Import Entity

    1. Select Recipients in the lower left pane
    2. Select Recipient Imports in the upper left pane
    3. Click on Recipient Import

    Set Basic Parameters


    Enter the basic parameters and then Import from File. See: How to Create and Import Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups


    Use Recipient Import Entity to Import Recipients


    Scott Adams and Steve Baker are on the recipient list with no check mark in the Imported column

    Create Import Task

    1. Select Tasks in the lower left pane
    2. Select Import Recipient Tasks in the upper left pane
    3. Click on Import Recipient Task

    Set Basic Parameters and Activate "Delete old recipients"

    1. Enter Task Name and, optionally, Description
    2. Activate Delete old recipients by clicking on it

    Add "Import & Delete Recipients" Entity

    1. Click on the Recipient Imports icon
    2. Click on the Add icon
    3. Select Import & Delete Recipients from the list
    4. Click on the OK button

    View Recipient List


    Scott Adams and Steve Baker are not on the recipient list in the NPrinting file.


    Save and Run Task

    1. Make sure the Import & Delete Recipient task is selected
    2. Click on the Run icon

    Read Log


    Scott Adams and Steve Baker have been added to the recipient list in the NPrinting file.

    Review NPrinting Recipient List


    Scott Adams and Steve Baker are indeed present on the recipient list in the NPrinting file and have a check mark in the Imported column.

    Alter C:\NPrintingTraining\Recipients\ImportAndDeleteRecipients.xlsx


    Open C:\NPrintingTraining\Recipients\ImportAndDeleteRecipients.xlsx, eliminate Steve Baker from the file and add Teddy Jack Eddy.

    Rerun Import & Delete Recipient task


    Scott Adams has been updated, Teddy Jack Eddy has been added, and Steve Baker has been deleted.


    Review NPrinting Recipient List Again


    Scott Adams and Teddy Jack Eddy are present on the list and have a check mark in the Imported column, but Steve Baker is not present.