How to Test a Task without Involving Recipients

    Starting from NPrinting Client 15.4 the Check function has been replaced by the Test feature. This feature allows you to test your task, without sending reports to the task output destinations or e-mail the recipients' addresses. Test button is available only for Report Task.


    Configure the Test Settings

    1. Open the File tab
    2. Click on Options

    Fill-in the Option Windows

    1. Enter C:\NPrintingTraining\TestsOutput as Output path
    2. Enter your test e-mail in the E-mail address field

    You can also include the recipient's e-mail in the message body by checking the option.

    All task output will be produced as subfolder of the Output path. The Task's output folder will be combined with the "Output path" to reproduce the task output folder structure. For example, if your test "Output path" is "C:\Test" and your task's output path is "D:\Output\Task", the final path become "C:\Test\D\Output\Task". The drive letter becomes a subfolder.


    Start the Task Test


    To create a Task refer to "How to Create Tasks".

    To test a Task without involving real recipients:

    1. Select the report task to test
    2. Click on Test

    E-mail Result


    NPrinting will send a Proof e-mail for test to the previously inserted address

    Folder Result


    The test has created the output folder structure in C:\NPrintingTraining\TestsOutput folder.