What is a connection?

    Connections are NPrinting links to QlikView documents. Each and every report, filter, and task is linked to one or more QlikView documents. A connection defines the origin of the data for reports, filters, or tasks. If you need to create or modify a connection, see How do I connect to my QlikView documents?.

    Open Connections Window


    Connections are managed from the Connections window which can be accessed by:

    1. Selecting Sources in the lower left pane
    2. Selecting Connections in the upper pane

    Create a new connection by:

    1. Clicking on the Connection icon in the New group of the tool bar.

    Example Connection


    You can create as many connections to QlikView documents as you wish whether they are saved locally or accessed through QlikView Enterprise Server and Small Business Edition.

    NOTE: You can only create one connection per QlikView document.

    NOTE: When you save a new connection, the path to the .qvw is checked. If the path is invalid, you will get a error message. This will allow you to manually check the path before attempting to add/save the new connection again.