How to Import Recipients from QlikView Documents - Features Track

    As of the release of NPrinting it is now possible to import recipients directly from QlikView Documents.


    Create a New Recipient Import

    1. Select Recipients in the lower left pane
    2. Select Recipient Imports
    3. Click on the Recipient Import icon

    Configure Recipient Import

    1. Enter Import from QlikView Document as Name
    2. Enter a Description (optional)
    3. Set Import Type to From QlikView Entity
    4. Click on the browse button at the extreme right of the Object ID field

    Select Recipients Entity

    1. Select the connection if necessary
    2. Find and select the CH265 NPrinting Recipients List in the list
    3. Click on the OK button

    Start Mapping Columns


    Click on From QlikView Entity


    Map Columns


    Set the mappings column by column by clicking on the small down-pointing arrows and then selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down menu.

    The only mandatory field is the Recipient Name (FullName): be sure to map this field. If you don't map an Excel column it will not be imported.


    Conclude the Import Recipients


    Click on Save

    It's possible to execute the import directly from this window by clicking on Import


    Save and Close the Recipient Import


    Click on Save and Close


    Create a New Import Recipient Task

    1. Select Tasks in the lower left pane
    2. Select Import Recipient Tasks in the upper left pane
    3. Click on the Import Recipient Task icon in the New group of the tool bar

    Setting up a New Import Recipient Task

    1. Enter Import Recipients from QlikView Document as Name
    2. You can select to import All Recipients, Only New Recipients or Only Modified Recipients
    3. Checking Delete old recipients box, NPrinting will delete all old recipients during the import. Also see "How to Delete Recipients Automatically When Importing"

    Add the Import Recipients to the Task

    1. Select Recipient Imports from the Show tab
    2. Click on Add
    3. Select Import from QlikView Document from the list
    4. Click on OK
    5. Click on Save and Close

    Run the Recipients Import

    1. Select Import Recipients from QlikView Document from the list
    2. Click on Run
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