How to Find Clients who Bought During the Previous Year but didn't During the Current Year

    This tutorial illustrates how to find customers who bought during the previous year but didn't during the current year.

    Attention: this report is based on a specific QlikView chart. If you change the chart the report cloud not work any more.


    Create a New Customer Table Chart

    1. Right-click in the QlikView Sheet
    2. Select New Sheet Object
    3. Select Chart

    Select the Chart Type

    1. Enter Customers who didn't Buy as Window Title
    2. Click on the Straight Table icon
    3. Click on Next in the bottom-right side of the windows

    Add the Customer Field

    1. Select Customer from the list
    2. Click on Add
    3. Click on Next

    Set the Expression


    Enter the expression int the code field

    if(    sum( {$<Year = {$(vCurrentYear)}>} Sales )=0 and    sum( {$<Year = {$(vLastYear)}>} Sales )>0,    'Check'    ) 

    Click OK


    Set the Field Name

    1. Enter Status as Label
    2. Select No Totals in the Total Mode box
    3. Click on Next

    Save the QlikView Document


    Click on the Save icon


    Start New Excel Report Template


    After adding CH340 - Customers who didn't Buy:

    1. Drag the field nodes to be used into the template.



    In the result you can see all the customers that did buy during the previous year bud didn't during the current year