HTML Reports Containing Tables with QlikView or Custom Headings

    Tables exported from QlikView can be displayed with or without the QlikView headings. You can hide the heading exported from QlikView and then create your own custom headings. This is also true for tables constructed by putting together columns generated from data fields. Here is how to do it.

    For the purposes of this tutorial you need to have launched NPrinting and opened an NPrinting file.


    Create New HTML Report

    1. Select Reports
    2. Select HTML reports
    3. Click on HTML Report

    Create New Template

    1. Enter a Name for the report
    2. Enter a Description (optional)
    3. Click on New in the Template section of the menu bar

    View Table Properties

    1. Right click on the CH184 - Top 25 Products node
    2. Select Properties
    3. Note the Value of Keep Source Formats and Show Headers in the Properties dialog window

    Embed Table in Template


    Drag the table node token into the template and drop it onto an appropriate, empty table data container. The purpose of this table row is to display the two versions of the table side by side. The left one with QlikView headings visible and the right one with QlikView headings hidden. The table is embedded as a unit in both cases.


    Add Same Table but with Hidden Headings

    1. Add the same table to the template and open the table Properties dialog
    2. Click on the extreme right of the Show Headers Value cell and select Hide

    Embed Second Table in Template


    Drag the CH184_1 - Top 25 Products table node token into the template and drop it onto an appropriate, empty cell


    Expand Table Node and Embed Fields in Template

    1. Expand the CH184_1 - Top 25 Products table node by clicking on the '+' to its left
    2. Drag each column into the template and drop it into the appropriate HTML container one at a time

    This third version of table CH184 - Top 25 Products is reconstructed column by column in the last two rows of the HTML table. Each table heading and table data cell can have inline style elements added individually. The inline style elements for each table data cell will have an effect on the whole column below the heading.


    Add Custom Headings


    Add your custom headings

    Here is the HTML code for the reconstruction of the last version of CH184 - Top 25 Products in the last two rows:

        <tr>            <th>            </th>            <th style="width:125px;">              Product            </th>            <th style="width:60px;">              Sales            </th>            <th style="width:60px;">              Profit            </th>            <th style="width:50px;">              Profit Percentage of Sales            </th>            <th>            </th>        </tr>        <tr>            <td>            </td>            <td style="width:125px;">              %%ProductName_1%%            </td>            <td style="width:60px;">              %%Total Sales_1%%            </td>            <td style="width:60px;">              %%Gross Profit_1%%            </td>            <td style="width:50px;">              %%GP%_1%%            </td>            <td>            </td>        </tr>



    Save Your Template


    Click on Save As in the Actions section of the menu bar, give your template a File name, and click on Save


    Preview Results


    Click on the Preview icon and preview the results.