On-Demand Custom Application Example

    NPrinting’s On-Demand Service exposes a standard interface that can be used by custom applications. This article shows you an example of a simple C# application that runs an NPrinting Task and a Report from the command line. The application is kept simple so you can focus on implementing NPrinting On-Demand on your own.  



    Optional requirements

    To open the sample project you need Visual Studio 2013.


    You can connect to On-Demand Services via the SOAP/WSDL web-service located at http[s]://{yourserver}:{port}/ODS. If your server is installed on the local machine and it has a standard port, you’ll need to use the following URL: http://localhost:9000/ODS. Opening it you’ll see an help page. WSDL is available at: http[s]://{yourserver}:{port}/ODS?wsdl. With a local installation, use: http://localhost:9000/ODS?wsdl


    The example is a .NET command-line application which calls the NPrinting On-Demand web-service to generate and download a report, also to run a task. All call details are explained in C# source files.


    By integrating an NPrinting Project with a custom application you can:

    • Generate any report
    • Run any task
    • Filter reports or tasks with your own custom filters
    • Filter reports or tasks with saved filters
    • Filter reports or tasks for recipients you prefer

    Custom application can be developed with the programming languages you prefer (i.e. Java, PHP,C#...). Just connect to the aforementioned web-service. We suggest using C# sources as the guideline for implementation in other languages.

    Suggested integration architecture

    In general, we suggest using On-Demand web-service as a back-end integration solution. For example, you can integrate an existing PHP portal by calling On-Demand web-service on the server-side to generate reports. For security reasons, be sure not to allow users to reach the On-Demand web-service.

    Example project

    The example project can be opened through Visual Studio 2013. The source code is locates at:



    If you open the project with Visual Studio, you can modify it and run it. This is how we suggest experimenting with On-Demand web-service.


    To run the example, use the pre-compiled version which can be found at


    Double click to run it, then follow the instructions on the console window.