How to Insert a Barcode Into a Report

    This tutorial illustrates how to create a report with barcodes. We will use EAN-13 (International Article Number) barcode fonts. You need a field with the EAN13 code in your .qvw.

    You must have installed an EAN-13 font on your machine. If you haven't it download one and installed it, refer to "Install or uninstall fonts".


    Start New Excel Report Template and Add the Barcode Table


    After adding Products Barcode as Table:

    Drag the ProductID, ProductName and Ean13 node icons to empty cells on your template


    Deselect the Keep Source Formats Property

    1. Right click on Products Barcode
    2. Select Properties
    3. Deselect the Keep Source Formats box

    It is necessary to remove the source format only in the Ean13 column to be able to apply the barcode font to it. You can decide if you want to keep or remove the source format in the other columns


    Format the <Ean13> Tag with the EAN-13 Font

    1. Click on Toolbar
    2. Click on HOME tab
    3. Select the <Ean13> cell
    4. Select Code EAN13 or similar as Font



    Click on Preview

    The Ean13 tag will be replaced by the EAN-13 barcode