NPrinting On-Demand: Custom Application

    Custom application






    NPrinting Server machine:

    • A valid active NPrinting Server license with On-Demand license enabled

    • .NET framework 4.0 Extended

    • QlikView Desktop (version 11.20 SR4 or higher is suggested)


    On NPrinting Server machine:

    • Follow the instructions in the “NPrinting Server installation” section

    Post installation checks

    A custom application can interact with the service through WS endpoint. WS endpoint must be enabled (see “How to configure On-Demand service endpoints”).

    HTTP endpoint is not required in an ASP.NET integration and If it is not required by other clients (i.e. Ajax), it should be disabled.

    SSL is supported and it can be enabled in the WS endpoint.

    In the default NPrinting Server installation the WS endpoint is enabled and SSL is disabled.

    How to use it with Visual Studio

    In the Visual Studio project:

    1. right click on “References” on your project

    2. click on “Add service reference”

    3. in the address bar, type http://{NPOnDemandHostName}:{WsPort}/ODS (replace {NPOnDemandHostName} and {WsPort} with Hostname and Port of the NPrinting On-Demand installation). If SSL is enabled use https instead of http

    Visual studio will generate automatically a client stub to use for communicating with the NPrinting On-Demand service remotely.