How Can I Display Current Selections in my Reports?

    Formulas will be used to display NPrinting Current Selections within the report. We will start from a simplified version of the report in the Formulas tutorial. We will add two versions of a formula to display the filters set in NPrinting to be applied.


    Start with Simple Report


    Add Unformatted Formula


    This formula queries for the current selections.


    Add Formatted Version


    This formula queries for the current selections but with different separators. QlikView Help explains that chr(13), carriage return, causes a new paragraph. The first combination of characters between single quotes ' = ' (space, equal sign, space) defines the separator between the field name and the list of values, and the second '; ' (semicolon, space) defines the separator between field values.


    Embed Formulas in Template


    Drag the Current Selections and Current Selections with Separator node tokens into the template and drop them into empty cells. Save, Close, and Preview.


    Report Displays Current Selections


    You can see the difference in effect between the default values and the custom values.