Qlik Community Tip: Manage Email Preferences


    As a member of the Qlik Community, you will receive emails periodically with updates about recent activity. You can manage the email settings in your Preferences menu to manage the types of emails you will or will not receive, as well as the frequency of emails for Community Digests. In order to ensure that you only receive emails for the types of content you are interested in, configure the Email Preferences to fit your personal needs.


    Log into Qlik Community


    Go to your Preferences


    User Menu.jpg


    Here you can update your Email Preferences:




    Explanation of Different Email Settings


    Inbox - Things you've followed in your inbox

    You may choose to follow individual threads in the community, or other members even if you have not participated on that thread or with that member. For example, you can follow a particularly interesting thread by clicking the Follow button in the upper right side of the page:


    Follow Button.png


    When you click the Follow button, you are given two options, to follow in Inbox, or Connections Stream. When you choose Inbox, you will receive email notifications, while if you choose Connections Stream you will only receive notifications within the community.


    Follow In.png


    You can turn the main "Inbox - Things you've followed in your inbox" off in the Preferences menu if you wish to discontinue receiving any emails that you had previously Followed In Inbox.


    Inbox - Social activity directed at you, such as @mentions, shares, and messages

    This setting will determine if you receive an email when someone @mentions your username in a community post, shares a piece of content with you specifically, or sends you a direct message. It is recommended that you leave this setting on to ensure that you are aware when someone is trying to contact you directly.


    Inbox - Notifications about things like tasks, connections, and skill endorsements.

    This setting determines if you receive automated emails from the community when you have a task set, when someone adds you as a connection, or when someone endorses you for a skill. These notifications are typically less time sensitive, so you may prefer to not receive emails about these actions, and instead find the notifications when you log in to the community.



    This section applies to Community Moderators only. If you are a Community Moderator, you may decide whether to receive emails for items in the moderation queue, or to simply monitor the queue within the community.


    Connections Stream

    This setting determines whether or not you will receive emails for items in your Connections Stream:


    Connections Stream.png


    Community Digest

    The community digest is an automated digest of what's going on in the community. This digest will likely include content that you are not following, so it is a way to keep up with what has been generating a lot of activity or to find something interesting you may have missed. You may choose the frequency which you receive these digests. The frequency options are Once-a-week, Twice-a-week, Everyday, or Never.


    Include body of content in email

    Choosing No for this option will include less information in the emails you receive.


    Email Address

    Notifications will be sent to the email address displayed here.



    Once you personalize the setting to fit your needs, don't forget to click Save at the bottom!