Qlik Community Tip: How to Set a Status Update


    Log into Qlik Community


    Click on your Name in the upper right corner and choose Inbox & Activity


    Logged In Header.png


    Inbox & Activity.png


    Type your status update in the Status field that displays, "What's going on?"


    Status Field.png


    After adding text, you can use the buttons below the field to add a link, an image, or @mention a community member.


    Status Field Typed.png


    Click the Post button one time.


    For some members, the status update may not appear immediately. If this happens, it has been sent to the moderation queue. Once a moderator approves it, your status will appear under Activity, and you will receive a confirmation message in your Inbox.


    Status Successfully Posted.png


    You status will also appear in your View Profile page under Your Recent Activity.


    Your Recent Activity.png


    You're all set. Happy posting!