Creating charts in Circle

    The gauge I will share is different, use this tip to make your projects a more professional design. All charts in QlikView can be styled!


    Step 1: Write an expression of type = Sum (total of something) / Sum (Total General)

    Step 2: Add an object gauge to your dashboard

    Step 3: Set the gauge with the information below.


    General tab: Choose display

    Dimensions: Do not use dimensions

    Expressions: Definition (= 1) (This forces a completed whole circle.)

    Style: Appearance (Choose the first single circular dial)


    Minimum = 0

    Max = 1

    Indicador.Modo = Fill with value

    Show range = Leave without selecting

    Automatic width segments = Leave without selecting

    Drum thickness = 50

    Extension angle = 360

    Center angle = 0

    Hide limits segment = select

    Hide contour display = select

    Segment bottom 2.Size = Put the expression that you created in Step 1

    Segment 2.Color = Grey

    Text in Graph = Put the expression that you created in Step 1

    Segment 1.Color = Blue


    Text on the chart - add two texts, one with the expression and the other with a description.

    See the result: