For Beginners: Generate Sample Data (Using Pick-Rand)

    As I'm a Beginner, in many situations I was struggling to create Sample Data to validate my Script.


    There are plenty of ways to achieve that. But I just thought of sharing this piece of code, especially for the Beginners like me.


    I have used Pick & Rand function to do this, so that we can get some meaningful Test Data.


    I'm sure this is very basic to most of them, but I'm still confident, will be useful for few.


    The idea of my exercise is simple:

    Create a Table with Country and yesno as Fields.

    The yesno should have different formats like 'N','NO','No','Y','YES','Yes','n','no','y'

    Convert all the formats to only Y & N.

    Count those Y & N in the UI object.


    Apart from this, in the front-end I tried to capture NULL values.