Beginners Tasks Series - Task1



    I would like to add a task series for Qlik beginners based on the real time senarios.

    As part of this I am starting this series .


    This first task is all about dates.



    Consider their is a set of transnational data which includes Amount . Now I want to analyze the amount based on the dates selected like

    From and To , the visualizations should shows the sum(Amount) in between these dates.


    Concepts Used here:

    Set analysis with out getfieldselections() for alternate states

    Set analysis with getfieldselections() for alternate states

    Alternate States


    Sheet Object Used:

    Text Boxes

    List boxes

    Input Boxes

    Table Boxes


    Front end Variables



    The attached qvw will show different ways to do it.

    -> Using Hard coding

    -> Using Input boxes

    -> Using List boxes

    -> Also can be done using Sliders(but this is not a good visualization, I omitted it)



    Hope it helps the beginners searching for scenario based learning.




    Kiran Kumar