Beginners Task Series - Task4

                                                              How to get value and its percentage together...



    All beginners,



    Today we had a good discussion for one of our friend "on how to get value and relative percentage of the same" on a bar.

    This brought me an idea to create a document for this. This is a common requirement in chart types like Bar, Pie especially.


    How to get both value and its percentages on a bar and Pie chart.



    There can be two solutions for getting this on bar

    1. Using Dual function

    2. Using a combo chart and having two expressions one for value and another for percentage




    But for a pie the only solution would be Dual() only.



    Please find attached qvw where I have implemented both of them using three charts.


    1. Bar chart using Dual

    2. Combo Chart

    3. Pie Chart using Dual




    Making you to think a little bit more, can we get values of a Pie inside the segment ??


    All seniors expecting comments from you if I miss anything.





    Kiran Kumar