Qlik Community Tip: How to Send a Private Message


    As a registered member of Qlik Community, you can send private messages to other members of the community if you are connected with them.


    Why Use a Private Message?

    Private messages can only be seen by the members involved in the conversation. They are not visible to the public like discussion threads and comments are. While some groups or spaces require additional membership to view content, many of our spaces are visible to the public. Therefore, information can be indexed by search engines and bots. While this is helpful for finding answers using Google, the downside of this is that spammers may also be able to index information. For this reason, we encourage members to use a private message whenever sensitive information is involved, and we discourage members from posting their email address in a public thread.


    Sending a Private Message

    To send a private message follow these steps:


    Log into Qlik Community.


    Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page.





    Click on Inbox & Activity





    You will be taken to the Activity page. Click on the Inbox tab to be taken to the Inbox page.





    Click on the Send Message button.





    A Send Message box will appear.





    Type the name of the member you would like to message, and click on their name from the list of matches. You may add more than one member.





    Note: If you are not connected to the member you would like to message, you will see the message below. You will need to connect with them first in order to send them a message. This exists to prevent spam or abuse.



    Add a Subject and a message. You can also add an image or link to community content using the buttons at the bottom.





    Click Send.


    You will receive a confirmation message. Click close to close it.





    Your message will now appear in your Inbox as well as the Inbox of anyone you sent it to.





    Responses will appear here is as well.





    Unread messages will have a blue dot on the left with bold text.


    Click on the message to view the conversation and reply as needed.





    Click on Back to Inbox to return to your inbox.


    You're all set to send private messages!