TimeXtender for Qlik

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    Qlik has partnered with TimeXtender to help accelerate governed data delivery at those clients that prefer IT to deliver, in an agile manner,  data discovery hubs to users via SQL Server. Automating the build of a SQL Server data warehouse reduces what otherwise might be an intensive task of many man days to build not only SQL Script (via SSIS) but Qlik script also. Combined savings can reduce time to deploy a solution by as much as 80%. Further reducing the TCO of Qlik in a Microsoft stack deployment.


    TimeXtender, already used by nearly 3,000 companies is now available to Qlik customers including Qlik Script writing capability.


    TimeXtender for Qlik

    TimeXtender for Qlik leads the world of data warehouse automation for Qlik, empowering organisations and individuals to extract meaningful insights from their data sources. The TimeXtender platform transforms your data into an automated Microsoft Data Warehouse at the same time as producing Qlik script.

    TimeXtender offers you the ability to create:

    – Fully Governed Data Extraction Process

    – Automated Data Warehouse Production

    – Full Documentation

    – SOX Compliance


    Clients will have all the necessary tools to help visualise and analyse their data in an agile, fully automated and governed way.

    “At Qlik, we see data discovery as fundamental to the needs of business users. With Qlik at the front-end of a TimeXtender DWA installation, democratization of data and discovery is simple, with profound implications for the business.”
    – Donald Farmer, Vice President, Innovation and Design at Qlik


    See more at: http://www.differentia.co/qlik/tools-extensions/timextender-for-qlik/