Listing top folders of your server

    It´s a regular task administering a QlikView server checking top "N" folders in size.

    I´ve adapted this script from here.

    It is written in Powershell, I´m almost sure your server has it installed



    #Configure your main folder and how many folders you want beloe
    $path ="D:\QvHome"
    $top = 10
    Function Get-FolderSize
      $fso = New-Object -comobject Scripting.FileSystemObject
      $path = $input.fullname
      $folder = $fso.GetFolder($path)
      $size = $folder.size
      [PSCustomObject]@{‘Name’ = $path;’Size’ = [convert]::ToInt32(($size / 1mb)) } 
    Get-ChildItem $path -Directory -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue  | Get-FolderSize | sort size -Descending | select-object -first $top