Zoomable Circle Hierarchy Extension

    Note, this post is to raise awareness of the project, the code will be maintained on git so this version is only the initial version.


    Hopefully this will also be published on Qlik Branch as well


    I wanted a better way of showing a hierarchy than a simple tree which I have always found to be very wide and sometimes very hard to drill down


    This D3 code from Mike seemed to fit the bill nicely and to it just needed some tweaking to work with Qlik.


    The attached qar file also include a basic example to get you started.


    As with the other hierarchy extensions, you MUST have a '-' as your top level (See the example code if you are unsure.



    Published on: http://qlikanddirty.com/2016/09/15/circular-zoomable-hierarchy-for-qlik/


    GIT: GitHub - adamdavi3s/ZoomableCirclePacking: Qlikview D3 Zoomable Circle Packing


    QlikBranch: TBC