QVD Analyser: Automatically gather information on all QVDs under a root-drive or -folder

    Hi everyone,


    Please find attached a QVF and QVW script that will loop through all folders and sub-folders (you can even point to a specific drive) which will loop through and file all information relating to the underlying QVDs, including table name, records/number of rows, fields, as well as a front-end cross table to see the foreign key relationship (field names shared) across QVDs.


    All you need to do is change the variable value (input box or script) and point to a root drive or folder. It will automatically read all QVDs in the given folder and sub-folders. You can also use this file for Sense. Please look at the script and the sample variable input for a Sense "LIB" connection/folder.


    Hope you find it useful.




    Cheenu !