Qlik Community Tip: Completing the Mission - Gearhead


    Several people have asked how to complete the Gearhead mission:


    Gearhead 1.png Gearhead 2.png


    In order for to complete this mission, you will need to upload three files using the "Upload a File" option from the Actions menu:

    Actions Menu.png

    Please note that using the "Write a document" option and attaching a file to that document will not count towards this mission, and attaching files to Discussion or Question threads will not count towards this mission either.


    The QlikView Resource Library and the Qlik Sense Resource Library are great places to post files, as long as they are resources that other members will find useful, such as How To guides or completed scripts or apps that others may utilize. When uploading your files, please also provide a brief description of the file to help members determine if it will be useful for them to download.

    Sample files to go along with a support questions should be attached directly to question threads.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    The Qlik Community Team