Qlik Community Tip: How to Translate Languages


    The Qlik Community has a diverse audience from around the world who use many different languages. The official language of Qlik Community is English, and so we ask members to post in English while in the main community. We do offer many language groups where members can post in languages other than English.

    If you come across a post that is a language you aren't fluent in, there are two different translator tools that may be helpful for you:

    In-Page Translator


    The Qlik Community has a built in translator which can translate all of the content on a page, right within the community.


    The page translator is located to the left of the Search bar, where it says "Select Language":

    Translate 2.png


    Translate 3.png


    Click Select language and choose the language you would like the page to be translated to. It will show a message at the top when complete:


    Translate 5.pngTranslate 4.png


    The in-page translator will continue translating into the selected language when you click links or navigate to other pages. To turn the translator off, click on the language name next to the search bar and re-select the default (in this case, English).


    Keep in mind that when using the whole page translator, viewing posts will appear in the chosen language, but your posts will not be translated automatically when you create a question or reply. If posting in the main forums, please remember to use the Google Translate page to translate your posts into English before posting.


    Google Translate


    You can copy the text from a post and paste in into the left side of Google Translate. It will detect what language it is, and translate it into the language of your choosing on the right side:



    Translate 1.png

    You can also type your responses into Google Translate, and copy the translation it creates. Use this when replying on threads that are in languages other than your own.


    Feel free to like, rate, or ask any questions below in the comments section.


    Thank you,

    Qlik Community Team