Getting Started

    This page is intended to help you get started with the Qlik Web Connectors.


    If you haven’t already got the Qlik Web Connectors, you can get it from Qlik’s download site, or request a trial from here.


    On the Qlik Web Connectors’ help site, you’ll find information on the pre-requisites (this is really important!), how to install and, if you have subscribed to some Premium Connectors, license it.


    For those of you who like to watch videos, the Qlik Help team have put together a few videos on their YouTube channel, which show how to install Qlik Web Connectors and use a few of the more popular connectors. We’ve listed these on our Useful Resources page.



    If you follow the steps on the help pages then the chances are you’ll have Qlik Web Connectors up and running very quickly. However, we appreciate that sometimes it doesn’t quite go as expected. So, please check the troubleshooting page for a few things that you can try before you contact Qlik Support.