Need a Connector That's Not Available?

    The Qlik Web Connector suite, including betas, has almost 40 connectors available. This is great, but we're always looking to develop more connectors and no doubt there are some that perhaps we haven't even considered.

    So, why not tell us by submitting it here.


    When submitting your idea, please include the following to help us understand the requirements:

    1. Please provide a short description of the service which the API is for and if possible how you would like to use the data in QlikView or Qlik Sense.
    2. Please provide a link to the API documentation please do so. If you do not have a technical background or do not know where to find this we would appreciate if you could ask a technical person in your company to help with this.


    There are many factors to creating a new connector, some of which aren't obvious, so we can't guarantee that we'll develop any of the connector requests, however, we will take on board your suggestions and will hopefully help us develop a more complete product.

    In the meantime, while there isn't a specific connector to meet your needs, why not try the Qlik REST connector or the Qlik Web Connector's Qlik General Web Connector.

    Of course, you can also submit other ideas for the product here, not just for new connectors.