Qlik Community Tip: How to Delete a Post


    We encourage our members leave their posts in the community when once they are resolved, and to mark replies as Correct or Helpful, so that they may assist others in the future. However, if for one reason or another you need to delete one of your posts, you have the ability to do so. You can delete a comment or a reply you created on a thread or delete an entire thread that you started.


    To Delete a Reply You Made


    While logged in, view the thread with your reply.


    HTD 6.png

    Under your reply, click on the Actions menu and choose Delete.


    HTD 7.png


    A popup message will appear. Chose Delete to delete the reply, or click Cancel to leave it visible.

    HTD 8.png


    To Delete a Thread You Started


    While logged in, view the thread you started.


    HTD 2.png


    Find the Actions menu in the right column of the page, and choose Delete.

    HTD 3.png

    A popup message will appear, stating that the entire thread will be deleted. Chose Delete to delete the thread, or click Cancel to leave it visible.

    HTD 4.png


    Profile Inbox & Activity


    These options are not available when viewing threads in your profile's Inbox & Activity view.

    You will need to view the actual thread within the community. To do so, when viewing the posts in your Profile's Inbox, click on the blue thread titles to go to the actual thread in the community.


    HTD 9.png


    Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.