Qlik Webinar: Top BI Trends for 2017

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    In the past year we've witnessed an explosion of data, an increase in processing, a move toward information activism. But is the gap widening between the data and our ability to consume it? How will these patterns impact the BI industry in the coming year?

    Learn what's ahead - and what trends will have an impact on data literacy in your organisation. Join Qlik's Senior Director and former Gartner Analyst, Dan Sommer for his top 10 predictions for 2017 and hear about:


    • How the digital and physical worlds will begin to meet in analytics
    • How the two sides of "personal analytics" will change the industry
    • How the rise of modern BI will affect the self-service model

    Find out whether you've missed any of the signals, and where your focus should be in the coming months.


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