Custom List Box Extension for Mashups - Branch.Qlik Project

    I recently uploaded a new project to by the name Best List Box for Mashups.


    Here is the URL: Qlik Branch


    The intent was to create a list box extension that would allow for design flexibility when building mashups. The design is loosely based on the Microsoft Excel pivot table buttons which look something like this:

    Excel List Box.png

    And here is what I have been able to achieve thus far:

    Best List Box For Mashups Clip.PNG

    Obviously there has been a bit of custom CSS applied to effect the hover and selection colors as well as the borders around each of the list items.


    I am working to refine this extension and invite others to use it and make suggestions on how to make it better. Currently it includes the features to adjust sort criteria, highlight color, text size/color, and single selection only. I have a couple other more advanced features in development (which you will see commented out in the code), but there are still quite a few bugs/oddities in the projects as it stands.


    Happy developing!