Doubt in SET Analysis

    Dear all,


    I am now comparing two excel files in Qliksence.


    The attached Excel file has details of Categories with Tracking no. Actually these are files of 2 different date and these has some changes in it.


    You can see in the file Dated 01.12.2016, 4 Tracking ids are present but in file Dated 20.12.2016 6 Tracking ids are present. This shows that One tracking id is missing in 20.12.2016 file and 3 Tracking ids are newly added. Addition of tracking no can happen but deletion of tracking id is not acceptable. As i have given outer joint between these two files, this will show both the deleted and added as null value.


    I have given the following script in Load editor,


    if(IsNull("Category New"),'Tracking Deleted','Tracking not Deleted') as [Tracking ID Deleted],

    if(IsNull("Category Old"),'New Tracking Id Found') as [New Tracking ID]


    Now i want to give KPIs for all the headers . It should show the Count of changes of each headers (Columns) but it should exclude Newly added Tracking ids and Newly Deleted tracking ids and should show the value of the rest. please help me on this.


    Thank you