Extension for changing of the native style of PopUp hints

    Hi community!


    I want to share some useful qlikview document extension which allows to change the native style of PopUp hints when user hovers mouse pointer on any place of some objects.


    This document extention allows to change the native style of some PopUp hints using css.


    In the extenntion there are 5 different part of code which change popup stype for different parts of qlikview objects:

    - Test box (popup help text);

    - Grid cells (popup cell value);

    - List box (particular values);

    - Caption popup text;

    - Popup titles of caption buttons;


    To disable/enable some functionality you just can comment or uncomment appropriate part of code into Script.js file.

    You can also combine this extention code with other extentions (for example NoGreen and so on...).


    Please find extension qar file and small example of qvw file with different objects in attachment.


    Happy  Qliking!