STT - Getting Started with Qlik Sense Cloud Business

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Clarifying the different Cloud solutions
    • Granting users access
    • How to work offline with Qlik Sense
    • Explaining the different features
    • How to get support with Qlik Sense Cloud Business

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    Q&A - Getting Started with Qlik Sense Cloud Business

    Q: Is it possible to ensure that data is stored in Europe when using Qlik Sense Cloud Business?

    A: Yes, there are three options, one of which being Ireland


    Q: Can we schedule reload of dashboards?

    A: Yes, right-click on the app to find the Scheduled Refresh option.


    Q: We depend on several extensions from the Branch site - will we still be able to use these?

    A: Extensions are not supported at this time.


    Q: Can I have a Plus and a Business subscription togther?

    A: Yes it is possible to have both subscriptions, in order to maximise the personal and group features.


    Q: How is the support for Qlik Cloud?

    A: Qlik Sense Cloud Plus and Business subscribers are entitled to Technical Support. Basic (free) Cloud users are not, but can still access our Public articles via the Support Portal (, our Help page (help.qlik.comn) or our Qlik Community (


    Q: I´ve upgraded to Cloud Business, received an email with Digital River Receipt, but my account keeps  working as the free version

    A: Please check that a Group is present under the section Workspace and that the Group storage limit is 500GB to determine that you successfuly upgraded.


    Q: Can you cover the working off line again please?

    A: Qlik Sense Destkop can be used to work offline. It requires to download an applicaion locally before going offline, and re-uploading it to the Cloud it when back online.


    Q: Is there any QMC?

    A: There is no QMC, a group is administrated via the Group setting interface