Qlik Community Tip: Follow, Share, Bookmark, & Like Buttons


    In the Qlik Community, you can interact with pieces of content by using the Follow, Share, Bookmark, and Like buttons.


    Follow, Share, Bookmark, Like.png


    These buttons are found at the top of the right column of the page on most pieces of content, including discussions, questions, documents, videos, and more.



    Content that you Follow will appear in your Activity feed, allowing you to see any updates in the conversation:

    Activity Feed.png


    To Follow a piece of content, simply click the Follow button. A dialog box will appear allowing you to select which feeds you would like the updates to appear in. Selecting the Inbox option will also create notifications in your profile's Inbox. After making your selections, click Done.


    Follow Selector.png

    Once you are Following a piece of content, clicking on the Follow button will allow you to adjust your selections or Stop Following.



    If you find something in the community that would be of interest to a friend or a colleague, you can use the Share button to share with them. Clicking the Share button will open a dialog box where you can add community members by name or you can add email addresses of whose who are not community members. Customize the message to add a personal touch, and click the blue Share button at the bottom to complete.


    Share Dialog Box.png



    Clicking the Bookmark button saves the content so that you can easily access it in the future. Click it once to set the Bookmark, and click it again to bring up options to Edit it or Remove the Bookmark. Editing the Bookmark allows you to add personal notes to help keep your Bookmarks organized.



    To access your Bookmarks, go to Your Profile, click on More in the lower navigation bar, and choose Bookmarks.


    Access Bookmarks.png


    From there, you can view, manage, and edit your Bookmarks. Clicking on a title will take you to that content page.

    Bookmarks List.png



    The Like button allows you to show appreciate to the content creator for their work. Rather than posting a comment that simply says, "Good job," click the Like button instead.



    This way the creator also gets points to reward them for their contribution.


    Your Content Was Liked.png

    Be sure to try out all of these functions in order to get the most out of the Qlik Community! Feel free to post any questions or feedback in the comment section below. Happy posting!