STT - Configuring and Troubleshooting Qlik NPrinting On-Demand

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Brief overview of NPrinting 17 On-Demand
    • Requirements and workflow
    • Installation and configuration demo
    • Troubleshooting demo
    • What’s next ?


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    Q&A - Configuring and Troubleshooting Qlik NPrinting On-Demand


    Q: In a QlikView Server/Publisher environment, is it only required to install the On-Demand component on the QV Server or does it needs to be installed on the publisher as well? ¬

    A: It's only required to install the add-on on QlikView Server



    Q: Qlik Sense on demand reporting as well?¬

    A: Currently only supported for QlikView. On-Demand for Qlik Sense is on the road map



    Q: Can you do On Demand with version 16.1?

    A: Yes, On-Demand is also available in NPrinting 16 but the installation and configuration process is completely different. See for more detail



    Q: what version of QV do you recommend for NP17 ?

    A: In general, we recommend to use the latest supported version which is QlikView 12.10 SR4 currently



    Q: When installing, does it matter what you put there.  Example.  If i can access the qlik server using localhost,, or, will it work for all three, or only the one i put in that spot

    A: The URL provided during the installation will be the one the client computer will use to proceed with the API call. So, this URL needs to be resolvable by the client computer.



    Q: Insted of adding sigle user, can we add a group so all member of the group can access "On-demand" reports?

    A: Currently in NPrinting 17 you can only affect a single user to a security role and not a group



    Q: Is there a way to set on demand to run a task, instead of just a report?  I have users that want to run tasks, which send emails to a userlist when they do it¬

    A: No, it’s currently not possible to run a task. There is no API call available for that yet.



    Q: Is it possible to grant user access to NPrinting as described with domain-groups?¬

    A: No, the security role permission is affected per user



    Q: What are the other formats of on Demand reports can be generated?

    A: Every format available when you create a report in Nprinting (docx, xlsx, pdf, html, ...)



    Q: Great to see this feature in NPrinting 17. Can we also create an on-demand task in NP 17?

    A: No you can only create on-demand report currently



    Q: Is ist possible to create an on demand report as an excel output file?

    A: Yes it's entirely possible. We used a simple html report during the demo but you can create word, excel, pixel perfect,powerpoint,...



    Q: Is Server2 in the presentation the separate Server for NPrinting ?

    A: Yes, QLikServer2 was a dedicated server running NPrinting



    Q: In NPriting 17 the OnDemand button is now in the Ajax bar.  How can we place an action button for OnDemand within the body of a QlikView application?

    A: In NPrinting 17 the button will be placed in the ajax bar and will be available in every application. You cannot move the button inside the application as for NPrinting 16



    Q: Is there a way to change the default ports?  If not, why does the installer require us to put 4993 on it, when it could just append the port on its own.

    A: It's possible to change the default port in the configuration file of NPrinting. More detail on help.qlik.con and our knowledge article base



    Q: Is it possible to set a condition in qlik, which does not allow them to generate a report, until they meet that condition.  example - do not allow report generation, unless user has less than 100,000 rows selected.¬

    A: No basically the report generation is only allowed by the permission you give in your security role.



    Q: What was that debugging tool used in the presentation?

    A: The debugging tool is the browser developper tool which is included in most the browser



    Q: Where should the Nprinting -7 be installed? The access point QVS or the qlikview publisher?

    A: This should be installed on the QVS server(s)



    Q: what is basic difference between on-demend and regular NPrinting?

    A: Usually in NPrinting 17 to generate a report you need to create a task and trigger it.

    With On-demand a single user can now generate its own report (if allowed) directly from the access point without any trigger





    Q: Is creation of ON-Demand report on QV server the same as QV Desktop?

    A: NPrinting 17 on-demand is only available in QLikView Server in Ajax mode and not in QlikView Desktop



    Q: Can on-demand feature  also email, publish to a folder?

    A: No you need to use a publish task for that.



    Q: After the installation of OnDemand_AddOn in QlikView server we should see the 'OnDemand' option in our accesspoint (using Ajax)... is that true? In our case... the button does not appear

    A: If you are running QlikView 11.20 it might just be that the QVWS doesn't allow the MIME Type TTF and JSON. Please check this article in our knowledge base: "NPrinting 17: No On Demand buttons in QlikView 11.20"