Qlik Sense + Telegram

    Hello everybody.

    We are all looking for ways to send notifications from Sense. This can be done via Telegram.


    1. Create a bot through the father @BotFather.

    To run the algorithms, you need to know the bot ID and the token to issue commands to the bot. All this is done through the Father of bots.

    2. After registering the bot, you need to find it through the search for contacts and write the message "/start"

    3. Get your ID for messages from the bot in the private chat via @MyTelegramID_bot

    Yes, you can send messages not only to the channel, but personally to the specified user.


    The download code specifies the variables




    Give them the values that you get from the first three points.

    In the initial configuration, you will send test messages to my channel through my bot. To make sure that the application is working, you can connect to it, for example @StrogiyTestChannel and make sure that everything works before the modification. For the bot to also send messages to the channel, it is necessary that it be the channel administrator.


    In the attachment, the document Sense. The download code from it can be transferred to QlikView.


    To work through Sense Desktop, you need to make changes to the Settings file to enable the download via direct links:


    [Settings 7]

    OverrideScriptSecurity = 1

    StandardReload = 0


    If you publish the application to the QlikSense server, you should turn off the Standard Mode (Disabling standard mode - Qlik Sense) and enter 1 line into the file on the QlikSense server:


    [Settings 7]

    OverrideScriptSecurity = 1

    If the file does not exist, you must create it manually.