NPrinting 17.3 - Checkpoints If Reports are Going to Newsstand but Emails are not Triggering.docx

    Hi All,


    I am not sure if this document will help large number of audience but it might help some.


    I have attached this document just for reference if in case you are not able to send reports via mail in NPrinting.


    To explain in detail,


    In nprinting,I faced this issue that even after configuring everything,my reports were not going via mail and were still shown in newsstand.


    I logged a case and the Qlik people helped me and told some points to crosscheck.


    I added those points as screenshots in the PDF as it might help others who are facing the same issue and searching for the solution.


    NOTE: If you are still not able to send mails after following the steps mentioned in the PDF.


    Contact the team which configured the SMTP and ask:

    1. If there is any authentication required for sending the mails.

         If yes, use the same username and password in email settings under Admin.

    1. Do they use any transport layer security? If yes ,check the option above.
    2. Check if they can tell if there is any failure or error message at the SMTP side from where we are trying to send the mails.


    As this is my first document, apologize for any mistakes.