Dynamic KPIs

    Sometimes, when you have less space in Dashboard and you have much information/KPIs to show OR If you want to let user to select what specific information he wants to look at rather than pouring all information in dashboard then you can use some trick to make KPIs dynamic.


    I have used an example where I have sales and margin data for few years. Now think of a situation, user may want to see the difference of sales or margin for any of the two years.


    In this case you certainly would not want to show the difference of all the years because user may be interested in any. Even if you try to do so you will have to create too many objects to show that (in fact it would be square of the available years).


    So, what you can do to avoid this situation is let the user decide what he is interested.


    Here, All user has to do is. Select one KPI, One comparing year and one comparing with year and the two labels inside the blue box would automatically updated as per the selection.


    I am pretty sure using this method you would only save space in your dashboard but it will also give it a nice touch.



    QV.qvw (159.0 K) Download